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Holiday Hands Instructions

Directions for Listers:

Please read all of the rules before submitting your Holiday Hands listing. Every year, dozens of requests are rejected for failing to comply with these rules, and unfortunately, if your listing is rejected, you will not be able to submit a new one. 


How to Create a Holiday Hands Listing:

1. To create a listing, go to the Holiday Hands Project Listings Page and click on “Create a Listing.”


2. As you start to fill out the form fields, please make sure to select “Available” as your category and to use a valid email address. Your email address will not be publicly displayed, but it may be used to contact you about potential matches for your listing. Please double-check the spelling of your email address!


3. Please be as specific as possible with your requests, and make sure to keep them within the $100 request limit. Requests for items beyond $100 will not be approved, and you will not have the opportunity to correct your listing after it is rejected. If there is a specific item that you are hoping for, feel free to include a description or a link to that item in your listing. Click here to see an example listing you can use as a guide.


4. When you have finished completing all the fields, click “Continue.”


5. Next, you will see a page that gives you an option to add a photo to your listing. If you do not want to add a photo, simply click the button at the bottom of the page that says, “Preview listing.” To add a web-sized photo (1000 by 1000 pixels max), click “Select File” to select the image file from your computer. Once your image is selected, click “Open.” From our experience, listings with personal photos are usually the first to be filled.


6. When you have selected your images, click on the button at the bottom that reads, “Preview listing.”


7. You may edit your listing, or click “Finish” to submit. Once submitted, you will see a box informing you that your listing has been received and is pending review.


8. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox from Together Rising. If you do not see the confirmation email, please check your spam or junk folder. Please do not contact us for help until you have checked your spam folder. Please save the confirmation email, as it contains the link to your listing.

9. Our team will spend the next week reviewing and preparing the listings. If your listing is approved, you will receive another email on the day we open listings up for matches (November 19), letting you know that your listing has been enabled. Again, please check your spam or junk folder for this message if you don’t see a message in your inbox.


How to Respond to People Who Want to Meet Your Need:

1. Listers, after you submit your listing, you will receive an email letting you know that the listing has been received and is awaiting approval. Included in this email is a link to your listing. Please keep this message and the listing web address, as it will be the easiest way for you to access your listing once it is live. We will not be able to look your listing up for you if you do not keep this email. If you do not see this email, it is very likely that it is in your spam or junk email folder. Please do not contact us for help until you have checked your spam folder.


2. Givers should respond to you in two ways, publicly in the comments section underneath your listing and privately through email. Please respond both publicly in the comments section and privately via email. To see an example of how this might look in the comments section, click here.


3. Please be prompt with your responses, and plan to check your listing on November 19 to see if you have received any comments to your listing. Givers will not send their gifts until they see their names listed in the comments section, so do not forget this important step. Every year. we have givers who do not hear back after a few hours, so they move on to another listing. Please make every attempt to respond early on November 19 or your Givers may select another listing. 


4. When a giver or givers have indicated their willingness to support your request, the Together Rising team will mark your listing as TAKEN. Please remember that we are trying to spread the love wide, so your listing may be moved to TAKEN before every single item you requested is taken.



Directions for Givers:

NOTE: Listings are closed and will return next November

How to See Available Listings:

1.  Go to the Listings Page in the Holiday Hands section of the Together Rising website.


2. Click on the box marked “Available.” A list of available listings will be displayed.


3. Once you have found an available listing that you would like to sponsor, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to the comment section to find out if the need has already been met. The Together Rising team will be moving listings from “Available” to “Taken,” once the needs have been met, but there may be some lag time between updates. If the comments on the listing indicate that the need has already been met, please try to find another listing that is not yet filled.


How to Respond to a Listing:

1. First, add a comment at the bottom of the listing stating which requested need(s) you would like to meet. For example, please indicate whether you are going to satisfy all the needs listed (up to $100), or whether you are going to fund a portion of request (for example, “I can provide the train your youngest wants” or “I can provide a $30 gift card toward your needs”).


2. Second, click on the Contact link at the top of the listing to send an email directly to the lister to let the lister know what portion of the listing you would like to meet and ask for the address where you should send your gift. Please also ask the lister to write a comment on the listing acknowledging that you have communicated and confirm what you will be sending. Here is an example with comments that show how this conversation might play out:


3. Once you see your gift publicly acknowledged by the lister in the comments, please go ahead and send your gift. (Please do NOT send your gift until the lister has posted your name in a comment on the listing — this will help prevent duplicate gifts if multiple givers comment on a listing.) Please try to send your gifts within a few days of your communication—the listers will be eagerly awaiting your response!