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I am 24 years old and I have battled chronic illness my entire life. 5 years ago the illness got much worse and started taking over my life-- I had to drop out of school and going to doctors appointments several times a week became the new norm. I do not remember what it is like to have one day where my body is free from pain/discomfort :( I live with my parents as I am too sick to work and cannot provide for myself financially. Both of my parents work 50 hours a week, so I spend much of my time home alone. I am a very social person and just LOVE people so it is very hard for me to be alone so often and not have the choice to go out when I want to because of my physical limitations. I get very lonely at times and worry that I will never have the beautiful community of friends I so desperately seek!

Letters/emails of support would be SO appreciated at this time, to help me feel like I am not alone in this even when I am at home by myself and fighting to get well. If anyone has battled chronic illness and has insight or encouragement on how you've coped that would be wonderful too! I am unable to see friends in person much at this time, so I would absolutely love to have some online friends/connections to do life with if anyone is looking for that as well :) Thank you!!!

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  • Erin
    Hi everyone!
    Thank you all SOOO much for all of your words of encouragement and support!!! I cannot tell you how much that means to me :) All of these posts have lifted my spirits so much, truly thank you for taking the time to write to me! I appreciate you guys so much-- thanks again :) You all are amazing!!!
    Love, Erin
  • Emilyn
    Hi Erin!
    I would love to connect. I have an autoimmune disease. It's so hard to feel like your body is against you! I have found lots of healing. Would love to be your friend :) email is, or find me on facebook - Emilyn Shively. praying for you! xoxo
  • Chankla
    I pray you find peace in your situation. ..
    You have the right people come into your path to encourage you,brighten your days....
    Be blessed...
  • Cathy
    Hi Erin…
    This is Cathy. I am the woman in the wheelchair on this list w/ title: JUST A PRAYER.
    I DEAL W/ PPMSand know your struggles.
    Maybe we should connect?
    Here I am should you choose:
  • Megan
    You are a total rockstar! It is so hard not to let your mind get the best of you when your body wont cooperate. You are beyond lucky to have parents who support you, but that doesn't make it any easier when you're social and are alone lots. Just remember, you are a warrior and your body is healing. You are completely worth it and chronic pain is not something to scoff at! You're stronger than most!
    Love and prayers!
  • Roseanne
    Emailing now, would love to send a letter your way!
  • DeAnna
    YOU ARE WORTH IT. It gets better. The days might seem long but the years are short. It might seem like a slow transformation to feeling confident and less anxious, but that’s when you know it’s working and has a better outcome for sustaining that happiness. No one ever changed overnight. Keep on.

    Love and prayers to you ~~