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I'm a single, 26 year old teacher and am struggling to keep going. My mother has terminal cancer, and I work at a low-income high school where my students require so much attention and care. I feel like I have to choose between giving my energy to my mother, or my students, and as such I never have time for myself. Right now I just feel very stuck and hopeless, like I won't be able to break the cycle until something buckles. It's hard to be by myself this time of year. I am simply looking for some encouragement and sister-ing to keep going.

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  • Linda
    Emma, remember to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others.

    You’re doing MORE than enough. Breathe, do nothing for a few minutes, then keep putting one foot in front of the other. I honor you.

    All the best
  • Chankla
    Hard journey for you... You're doing right by helping your mom&working,trying to maintain. ..
    Day by day is All we have,its a gift from God....
    On my prayer list you find some joy&unexpected blessings in your path...
    Holidays are hectic times, I know,I understand. ..

  • Jen
    Will be sending you an email later... stay strong, sister : )
  • Emma
    Thank you to every single sister that has emailed me! I am in tears and overwhelmed by your kind words and generosity.
  • Katie K.
    Emailed you.
  • Alissa
    You are doing so much for so many! Please feel proud of yourself. Please feel appreciated. Teachers work often takes years to see the "fruit" from. Please know that each day, each hug, each positive affirmation and interaction with your students - you are making a difference in their hearts! They will remember the way you make them feel.
    Loving your mama takes so much from you, I know. You are young and vibrant and only have a short time with your sweet mama. Treasure the time you spend with her, make it memorable. She admires your dedication to your work and to her. She loves you.
    You are loved, sister. Please don't give up! Meditation, prayer, yoga for you in those rare quiet moments. Peace be with you and God is love.
  • Lisa
    Emma, you are so amazing. It is incredibly hard when it feels like you’re 200% committed to others. I
  • Rebecca
    I'd love to send you a spafinder gift card, if you're open to that. I'm emailing you now!
  • Emma
    Thank you Christina and Tracey!!
  • Tracy LaPorte
    Emma! I'm a certified health and wellness coach. I'd love to offer you a couple of coaching sessions over the phone if it suits you. Emailing you now!
  • Christina Evangelista
    Emma!! The fact that you are on here asking for encouragement shows us you are doing everything you can. I always feel like I am doing enough, so I empathize with your frustration and needs. I can only tell you what has helped me: Patience. Your time will come. But while you are aiting for the right person at the right moment (who knows when that is?). Free yourself of guilt. Speak positively to yourself. I CAN DO THIS. I AM ENOUGH. It sounds lame but it has helped me so much. This time of life is temporary. FInd the beauty in that if you can. Take some time to make yourself happy! That will radiate to others around you including your students and your mom. People will be attracted to the fact that you can do the hard stuff! You cannot help anyone if you do not take care of yourself first. We love you Emma! Keep it up, girlfriend.
  • Beth M.
    Emailing you!
  • Elizabeth
    Emailing now, Emma :)
  • Emma
    Wow I am so feeling the love! This post is well fulfilled! TAKEN
  • Emma
    Thank you Katie!
  • Katie Roski
    I got you, girl! Sending you an email now!
  • Emma
    Thank you Kate!
  • Kate
    Thank you Kate!
  • Kate
    Thank you Kate!
  • Kate Whitman
    I would love to send you a Christmas pick me up - teacher and YOU themed, as well as something for your mother.
  • Emma
    Thank you Lisa and Michelle!
  • Michelle
    Emma, I would love to email with you. My email address is [email protected] if you'd like an email pal.
  • Lisa
    Hi Emma! I got you, sister! Sending you an email now.