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Hi, thank you for taking the time to read our listing. I’m a single mom of a remarkable 12 year old boy. We have had a lot of loss as my daughter died when she was a baby her name is Abby. This time of year triggers feelings of loneliness and sadness.
Nothing would mean more then to be able to get love notes in the mail this holiday season.
We love you all for loving us ❤️

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  • Brandi Cockrell
    I think about you and Eric often! Miss and love y’all.
  • Thank you Chankla and Kerstin for your thoughts ♥️
  • Kerstin in West Virginia
    This is such a healthy thing you are doing by reaching out and sharing your story with us.
    I wish you all the best this season, the season of Thankfulness and Giving!
    May the coming year be filled with love, family and friends!
    Wish you and yours a healthy happy New Year❤
  • Chankla
    Nothing can take the emptiness away for your loss...
    Holidays are hard,period....
    May God bless you,keep you,give you strength...
    Find ways to celebrate her,she's always with you....
    Blessings,bunches of blessings! !!!
  • Jessica W
    I would love nothing more than to share some joy with you this holiday season. I'll message you for the address! ♡
  • Michele
    I’m so grateful for the responses we are getting. It’d be a Christmas wish indeed to be flooded with mail. I’d love to sit in the evenings and look at all of them on cold winter nights with Eric.
    I’m keeping it together for him, my arms are just always aching for BOTH of my children.

    Thank you for considering sending us some love notes.
  • Christie
    Hi Michele, I would love to send you a note. I will email you shortly. :)
  • Jen D
    I'm so happy to send you some love. I'll email you for your address. <3
  • Alison
    I’d love to send you a note! I’ll reach out for your address.
  • Connie
    I would love to send you a message of love. I'll email you for your address. <3
  • Leighanne
    Our family would love to. Xoxo Emailing for contact
  • Connie
    I would love to send you a message of love. I'll email you for your address. <3
  • Beth M.
    Emailing you!
  • Ann
    I would love to send a note. Emailing for address.