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Hi. Lately I often feel cut off from the great human family, like I belong nowhere and can't connect with anyone. I've moved 8 years ago and have made no real friends since. How do adults make friends? It used to be effortless. I try to maintain contact with old friends online, but social media makes me feel so empty. I miss genuine contact and warmth. Working from home doesn't help. Even cards and letters would feel more real than comments and likes. Yesterday I cried inconsolably. I just need reassurance that I'm here and you're here. To know and feel I am not alone. Thank you.

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  • Iva
    Thank you so much, Carly, for your warmth and kindness. You are right! I will keep your words in mind. :) Thanks for putting a smile on my face. Sending hugs back at you!
    And Mollie, I'm so sorry but I seem to have missed your message. Anyone who feels like contacting me can click on the link above - under Contact Information there's an option to Contact Iva and it will show you my email address.
    Many thanks to this caring community! <3
  • Carly
    It's can be so hard to make friends as an adult. But the bravery you showed sharing your loneliness is the same bravery required by reaching out to new people. Seeing if they want to take a walk, get a coffee, do an activity you enjoy. Perhaps there are social clubs around you that you could join - take a class, get involved in a cause you believe in. Shared interests are a great place to start a friendship! It's can be challenging, since by adulthood a lot of people already have their lives filled to the brim with family, friends, work, etc. But don't forget that many also feel like us and feel lonely and in need of friends. So someone you reach out to in your need may also be craving your friendship! Anyway, sending love and friendship from across the world to you. You are SO not alone, ever ever ever.
  • Iva

    I would love to send you a card or care package? Is there an email or address to send to?

  • Chankla
    We've All been there....
    Crying is a release from the body in a good way,it's normal...
    The world is tough for sure...
    Day by day,one foot in front of the other...
    You're God's Masterpiece, God doesn't make junk....
    Blessings,Strength sent to You Everyday!!!!!

  • Iva
    Thank you so much to everyone who reached out! Lori, if you could email me, that would be great. Just click on Contact Iva under Contact Information at the top of the listing and you'll get my email address.
    I feel very grateful today for all of you. <3 My heart is full.
  • Lori
    Thanks for reaching out! I would love to make contact with you. You are never alone!
  • Cindy R
    Hi brave woman! I'd love to send you a card and lots of encouragement. I'll email for your address.
  • Aniqa
    Hi Iva - would love to be friends and pen pals :) Emailing you!
  • Linda
    I would be happy to send a card/letter. I emailed you.
  • Oh, thank you so much! Kelly, Carolyn, Erica - could you contact me via email? I'd rather give out my address that way. Just click on Contact Iva above the listing and I'll reply straight away. Thank you so much!! I was so afraid that no one would respond, even though that was such an irrational fear.
    And thank you, Emma! :)
  • erica
    Hi Iva,
    Making friends as an adult is THE WORST! I totally understand. I've moved so many times. It just seems to take a lot longer, but it's not impossible! I'd love to send you a card! I'll email you!
  • Carolyn
    Hi Iva. I am so sorry that you feel cut off and alone. I'm so glad that you had the courage to reach out and post here, because I would love to send you a card and a letter filled with encouragement. And who knows -- this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
  • Emma
    I'd love to send you some mail! Emailed you :)
  • Kelly
    Hi, I am sorry you are feeling such pain, and I can certainly relate! I find the older I get (I am 55), the harder it is to find people who are genuine and sincere. Or maybe I am just pickier!! Anyway, I do understand feeling disconnected and alone, so we have that in common. If you send me your address, I will be happy to send you a card!