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Josh could use some support. Since emancipating from foster care two years ago, he’s hit quite a few couches, tried to reconcile with “family” and struggled with finding jobs. He used to live with one of my foster kids in a previous home and I’ve tried to be a constant in his life. That list is really short. Last year I asked for notes and got 4-5 and they meant more to him than either of us thought they would. One even included a $5 Taco Bell card and you would have thought he won the lottery. When he was down one day he called to see if any more notes had come so I know he really was grateful for the ones he received. He signed up with job corps last week, so if you could specifically encourage that, that would be great. Overcoming adversity advice would be really great as well. And he asked if I had any socks last week - moving from couch to couch you leave stuff behind - so a new pair of socks inside a note would put a smile on his face. He’s a hard worker who has gone through more in his short life than any person should. He keeps pulling up those boot straps and I’d love it if you could tell him how important that is, and let him know he CAN get there. Have a great holiday and thanks for helping Josh out!

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  • Vicky Sampson
    Hey Linda
    I sent you an email for Josh.
    Hope he will get it.
    Thanks very much for letting us know he needs this support.
    Much love
  • Maddie
    Please email me at with an address to mail him encouraging notes and such! This hits very close to home as my childhood was similar. And I want to say that you are amazing for the effort you give towards children in foster care. The world needs more people like you!
  • Cindy R
    Josh sounds like a terrific guy, and I'd love to help encourage him. I see you posted the contact info. Thanks!
  • Suzy
    Linda, I will definitely send a note!
  • Julia
    Linda, what an awesome thing for you to do for josh. I see you posted your address below and I’ll be sure to send something for him soon! Keep being awesome!
  • Linda
    Thank you Chankla !!!!

    Appreciate all the positive energy!
  • Chankla
    Prayers for the situation.....
    Wonderful the enthusiasm he has for the small things in Life we take for granted...
    Huge blessings sent his way!!!
  • Jill Celeste
    Hi, Linda! I will definitely send Josh a note of encouragement. I see you posted your address in the comments, so I will be sure to send Josh something soon.
  • Linda
    THANKS TO ALL! We are covered, but can ALWAYS use the notes. Josh can be reached at:
    c/o Linda Miller
    2034 Birch Ave
    Greeley CO 80631
    The letters mean so much to him and I am grateful for all who take the time
    Have a beautiful holiday!
  • Kelly
    Would love to send something his way!
  • Jen B
    Happy to send a note!
  • Emily Arellano
    I would love to send him a little pick me up care package. Thanks!
  • Would love to send a note! Sending you an email to get contact info.
  • Emily
    Hi! I’d love to send a card and gift card. Thank you.
  • Bridget

    I would absolutely LOVE to help with a letter/card and sock donation! Emailing now. Josh seems like such a sweetheart and hard worker and would love to support him.
  • I’d love to help with a letter and gift card donation.
  • Jen D
    Happy to send something. I'll email you. :)
  • Ann
    Emailing for contact info.
  • Wendy P
    I am all in! Emailing now for contact info :)
  • Ann
    Emailing for contact info.