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Hi! I am the director of a nonprofit that works with teens aging out of the foster care system with nowhere to go. We house them and love them unconditionally and with absolute respect. We have an incredible team but this labor of love is HARD WORK. I ask for no money, just handwritten notes of positivity we can use to pick each other up throughout the year when things get hard. Youth we serve are homeless and often minorities, immigrants, abuse/neglect/dv survivors, LBGTQ+, etc. they are beautiful resilient souls but the trauma they’ve experienced causes them to keep staff busy to say the least. letters of encouragement and love please!!!

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  • Fawn
    Thank you so much for helping these youth!
    They need you so bad, please hang in there when times get tough! ❤️
  • Danielle Davis
    Would love to send letters.
  • Carol
    I am not sure how long ago this was posted. Are cards still needed?
  • Carol
    I am not sure how long ago this was posted. Are cards still needed?
  • Carol
    I am not sure how long ago this was posted. Are cards still needed?
  • I have a group of mother's and daughters who will be getting together to make cards. We would love to send some to your group of youth. Is there an email address I could contact for more info? Or you can email me at


  • Summer M
    My email is and would love to contribute with some letters filled with positivity.
  • Michelle Latham
    I would love to send some love to you and the sweet souls you care for. My email is
  • Kate
    Just emailed you, social workers are the BEST!” ❤️
  • Laurel
    Im address is laureljordan24@hotmail
  • Diana Colaco
    I have emailed you. ❤
  • Julia
    Emailing you— I would love to help!
  • Alessandra
    Emailing you. Would love to help!
  • Alessandra
    Emailing you. Would love to help!
  • Tracy
    Emailing you now tiffany
  • Patti
    I would love to write some notes. My email address is
  • Stephanie
    Sign me up for this! You and your angels on earth deserve this and so much more.
  • Jennifer
    I'd love to help as well!
  • Raigan
    Tiffany - God Bless you and your staff for the incredible service you provide!! Sign me up for letters of love and encouragement!

  • Lydia
    I'd love to help out. I have a sister who is a social worker doing similar work so am particularly passionate about this and proud of the work you all are doing. Please let me know if you still need helpers.
  • Abby
    Tiffany, would love to love on you and your team.
  • Rebecca
    I would love to write letters of encouragement to these angels. My email address , if you could let me know where to send them.
  • Jennifer Walker
    Sign me up! Bless you for doing this work.
  • Cindy R
    I'd love to write your wonderful team. I'll email you for the address, and you can let me know if you'd like letters dressed individually.
  • Linzy
    Hi- I am the supervisor for a team of social workers who serve adults with cognitive limitations. We get it. We want to help.

    Can you email me contact information?
  • Tess
    Hi Tiffany!
    Would love to participate in this! Where should we mail the cards/letters?
  • Kathy
    Tiffany. My family and I would love to help. Please send address and body of ask again as well as any names you might like us to address personally. Thx!!
  • Elizabeth
    Emailing now :)
  • Meredith
    Would love to send notes - contacting you now.
  • Tiffany clarke
    I am absolutely overwhelmed with all your love! Sending emails now!!!!!
  • Karin Stroessler
    I have a whole crew of people ready to write you all! Sending email now.
  • Lindsay
    As a fellow social worker I would love to do this!
  • Tammie
    I'm in. I'm going to have my daughter help!
  • Beth M.
    SIGN ME UP - emailing you!
  • Kathleen
    I am a social worker and although I am not currently working, I am in touch with folks who are doing the work your team is doing. My own daughter just quit her job to take a break before grad school-she was working in a residential program for girls 12-22 and she is going to be a therapist. In her essay she talked about wanting to help the most vulnerable of clients--I could not be more proud.

    Send me the address for letters please!
  • Coralie James
    I would love to do this.
  • Sue
    Hi. It would fill my soul to be able to do this. Please send me your info.
  • Meg
    My sister is also a social worker - what you do is incredible. I would be honored to send you all letters of love!
  • Allison
    Tiffany, this is amazing! I would absolutely love to be a part of this. I'm going to send you a message right now.
  • Lisa B.
    As a former Social Worker, I know the feeling. I'm more than happy to help. Please send me details at chosen175 at aol dot com.
  • Tiffany, I would love to help. Please send me your email address. My name is April and my email address is
  • Ann Marie Sheets
    Would love to send notes... emailing you now!
  • Tiffany, I would love to help. Please send me your email address.