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My mom is a 24 hour caregiver for my dad who has dementia. Every day she dresses him, washes him, feeds him, everything. She has chosen this even though people frequently comment she should just put him in a nursing home. She doesn't accept a lot of tangible help because she's afraid something will go wrong when someone else is caring for him.

She doesn't like sympathy or sadness. She just wants to be supported in her decision to care for him and feel like she's doing a good job (and she does an AMAZING job).

I'm requesting letters or cards of prayer and support, maybe even from someone who has been there? I try to always reaffirm she's doing the right thing for him but I think it would help her to hear from others. Thank you in advance.

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  • Jen
    I would love to send her via regular mail if possible. My mother had Alzheimer's and dementia. My father helped care for her.
    My sister was primary caregiver.

  • Karen (creator of this post)
    Thank you all so much! I'm so incredibly grateful for all of your offers of love and support. I believe I was able to get to everyone but if I somehow missed anyone, please email me.

    Thanks again! Have a wonderful holiday season!!
  • Jill Stoddard
    As a hospice social worker, I've witnessed the caregiver exhaustion your mom is surely feeling. You are so good to support her in her decision to keep him home. I'd love to send her some love and encouragement. xoxo
  • Sending you an email. :)
  • Sending you an email. :)
  • Kylie Inglee
    I would love to participate in this. With a Mother who has Lewy Body Dementia and full time care, as well, I know how it taps out a family and especially the primary care giver and I also know how gross it feels to have people pity you.

    Please send an email to kylie@level4yoga.com with contact information.

  • Jill Celeste
    Hi, Karen! My mom was my dad's careprovider when he had Alzheimer's until his death in May 2016. I would be delighted to send her a card. I will email you now. xoxo
  • Kelly
    I’m a home health SLP and see first hand the impact that wonderful caregivers like her make. Would love to send something her way!
  • Susan Potash
    I’d love to send your Mom a card, my husband had two strokes and is disabled and suffers from aphasia. Now that I’m retired, I’m his caregiver. I understand.
  • Lejla Huskic
    I would love to send your mom a card. Emailing you. -Lejla
  • Mashelle T
    I would love to send your mom some encouragement. I am emailing you.
  • Karen
    I would love to send your mom some encouragement. I am emailing you.
  • Rae Ann Peil
    Hi Karen! I would love to send your mom a card. Please email me at raeannpeil@gmail.com with her contact info. ♥️
  • Meredith

    Would love to send your mom a card of support and encouragement...contacting you now.
  • Beth M.
    Emailing you!
  • Alexandra Redden
    Hi Karen!
    I would love to send your mom some love and encouragement. Please send me an email at alexandraredden4@gmail.com with her information!