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Earlier this year my vibrant, strong, funny, full-of-life dad was diagnosed with dementia at only 65 years old. The shock of it was like a punch to the gut, and I have yet to regain my footing. In just 6 months time, we have lost so much of him. Many days I feel as though I'm mourning him, even though he's sitting right beside me. And for my mom, his quiet, unassuming warrior-caregiver and wife of almost 40 years, it's so much crueler, crueler X a million. For me, the despair and worry is a lonely business, especially because I don't want my two young children to feel the weight of the sadness, so I hold much of it in. I would love to request prayers for my dad, Tony; my mom, Peggy; my two babies who don't quite understand but who still feel so much; for myself as I navigate this new path; and for the researchers working to find a treatment or cure for this truly heartbreaking disease. Knowing we were being uplifted in prayer would be truly comforting, especially during this season of hope. Thank you.

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  • Andrea
    I feel connected to your pain, in a way, because I watched my grandfather battle dementia when I was a child. I saw my grandmother struggle with Alzheimer’s (and my mom struggle with caring for her) and my uncle has been battling dementia for years. It hurts. I’ve cried over this disease many times. You and your family are not alone. God sees you and hears you and so do I. I’ll be praying for you and your family, and as always, for a cure.

    Sending love,
  • Jessica
    Hi Allison, I've sent you an email to request your address. I have a card to send to your family!
  • Stefania Iacono
    I am so proud of you for the way you are handling this for your children's needs. I will say a prayer for your mom Peggy as I can't imagine how hard it must me, my parents have been married over 42 years too so, I cant imagine what she is going through.
    However I will continue to pray for your dad and your mom and family.
    God bless them all and I wish happiness to all of you.
  • Canaan Dorian

    First, I want to say that I am supporting you and your family from far away. My own mother was diagnosed with Late Stage Alzheimers. She declined for almost 6 years before last February when we discovered Dr. Dale Bredensen and his life changing protocol. It is now my personal passion and unpaid full time job to try and connect families with his program and clinicians that work along side him in states all over the country. After only 8 months of my Mother being on the program she is starting to show slow, but albeit, improvement and please keep in mind she was so late stage she did not know my father or any of her children's names. She now knows his name and my brothers. It is a start, and, I believe an incredible option instead of the current standard of care, which is to watch our loved ones decline until there is a cure. I will link below, and hope that it can be helpful for your family.

    Thinking of you all,

  • Linda
    You are now on most prayer lists in the Chicago area! You and your family will be named fiercely in prayer. Please feel all the feels - honor yourself in that way. Holidays are tricky when things are good and you’ll have moments. You’ll get through them. I wish you all a most beautiful holiday season (in between the sadness) My best to you all
  • Katie
    My dad was washed away by dementia too and my mom shouldered so much during that journey. I am so sorry you are experience this pain, Allison. My dad has been gone for almost five years now and I have some memories from his dementia days that make me smile: when I sat with him and listened to him talk and talk about random travels he was on at that moment (in a car driving a curvy highway in California, catching a train somewhere in Europe), the one time he smiled at me when I walked into the dining room at his assisted living place and for a second I saw his old twinkle, how easily I could hold his hands and touch his face when he was behind the mask of his disease. I write these things because, though it hurts so much to lose your dad while he is still here, there are still memories waiting to be made. Please feel all the feels, and if your sons see you sad, maybe they will know it’s ok for them to be sad too, which seems about right, because this is such a sad time. I will pray for you, your mom, your dad, your sons and those reaearchers who are working so hard to find a cure. Please give your dad a hug or hold his hand for me. I’ll ask my dad to watch over yours.

    Much love,
  • Kylie Inglee
    My parents, too, are in this struggle. My Mama was diagnosed about 7 years ago, and turns 75 this December. As a daughter, I know the struggle of watching one parent ail while the other gives of themselves completely. So many emotions from grief of loosing someone who is still here to seeing the beauty of the most simple things and knowing that Love carries all. My heart is with yours, Allison, and my prayers are, as well. For strength. For acceptance. For understanding. For a really healthy outlet. For a strong support system. For filling your life with Love in these most precious and holy times. Love to you and your family. - Kylie
  • Allison (requestor)
    Loving, caring, kind sisters: thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and beautiful, thoughtful words. It's appreciated more than you know. xo -Allison
  • Meaghan
    Sending so much love to your family!!! I can’t even imagine how difficult this time and for everything to change so quickly. I will be praying for peace and happiness for your family now as you navigate this new journey and during the holiday season. Praying for a cure!!
  • I will cover your family fiercely in prayer! I just lost my mom after a 7 year battle with Alzheimer’s- cruel disease and so incredibly hard on those that are helping out.
  • Kim White
    I am an occupational therapist and work in homecare. I know how hard this can be on loved ones, and have worked with many families in your situation over the years. Please check with your dad’s primary care doctor to see if his community has homecare services that can help your mom take care of your dad. Usually the services are covered 100% as long as their is a skilled need. I will be honored to pray for your whole family as you endure this journey.
  • Serena
    Hi Allison. My father had a long battle with a type of Parkinson's that had a lot of cognitive symptoms/dementia. I will email you - I totally get it and it is SO HARD. I'd be happy to be a support as you navigate this.
  • Serena
    Hi Allison. My father had a long battle with a type of Parkinson's that had a lot of cognitive symptoms/dementia. I will email you - I totally get it and it is SO HARD. I'd be happy to be a support as you navigate this.
  • Allison I will hold you and your family in my heart and prayers this holiday season. Thanks for having the courage to share your story and for requesting prayers. I have a little prayer box I put very special prayer requests in and I promise I will add you all and hold you in prayer throughout this holiday season. Prayers of strength, acceptance, healing peace and guidance will be going out to you and yours. Lots of love to you Allison.
  • Allison, I know the path you’re walking and how lonely it feels at times. Holding in prayer you and every person who interacts with your Dad and family. May each of you feel surrounded by angels, guardians and grace. You are in my heart. Vicki
  • Genna
    Hi Allison , I’m so sorry to hear abt your Dad . Demetria is so heart breaking and so much grief involved for all. I will pray and add your family names on a prayer roll . So much love sent you and your families way during this very hard time.
  • Mashelle T
    Allison, I am adding you all to my prayers and will pass this along to my prayers warriors. May you all find some peace and joy in the everyday this Holiday season. You are loved!
  • leslie
    sending prayers for comfort!
  • Meredith

    Praying for you, your parents & family during this hard time. Praying for peace for you all this Holiday season.
  • Alison
    I would be happy to send prayers for you and will keep you in my thoughts!
  • Kate K
    Hi Allison,
    I just prayed for you and your family, each by name. Thank you for sharing your story, as it has helped me. Please know you are not alone.

  • Karri
    Hi Allison,

    I will hold you and your family in my heart this season, as I know first-hand how difficult it can be to watch your parents struggle with a sudden turn of health. May the love and prayers offered here help to bring you some peace, as you all move forward to figure out a new “normal”. We are here for you. ❤️
  • Erin
    I will be praying for you, your mom, your dad, and your sweet littles. Praying for peace, surrender, and comfort in knowing that you all are being held. <3
  • Amy
    Sending lots of love and prayers to you and your family.
  • Kate
    Hi Allison,

    Every Wednesday morning I fast and pray for a very specific need we have in our family right now. I am adding you, your mom, dad, kids and all of the researchers to my prayers specifically during that time. I will pray fiercely and unceasingly. Much love to all of you!
  • Karin Stroessler
    You've got it, Allison. My family's holding yours up.
  • Jacquie
    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I’m also hopeful that researchers will make new discoveries for treatment!
    Don’t give up hope, and remember it’s ok to have sad feelings. Please remember to be kind to yourself.
  • Sarah
    Your family will be in our prayers this season.
  • Theresa
    Hi Allison,
    Sending lots of love and prayers your way! I will be holding your family in my heart this holiday season.
  • Laura
    Allison, sending you prayers and comfort during this most difficult time. Make sure to take care of yourself and find someone to share/unload your feelings with.. a friend, pastor, counselor. There are many good resources online for families in your situation to find support. Love to your entire family <3