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My dear friend Ashley is a warrior single mama and could use some encouragement. She became pregnant unexpectedly and had a traumatic birth and postpartum period, with a "partner" who was emotionally abusive until she was able to leave him and start fresh with her dear son. It took a few years for her to find her footing and she's never once complained...but I know she is tired and would just like to be taken care of for a minute. I'm hoping some folks would be interested in sending her notes to let her know what a warrior she is.

Her son is a sweet and funny five year old. She works so hard to provide for them and make ends meet. She cleans houses and it's hard on her body. She's hoping to find an apartment to better suit them, as they currently have a small (but love-filled) one-bedroom attic apartment and both would like to have their own rooms now that he's growing up. She doesn't have nearby family to lean on, and many of her friends simply don't understand how hard it can be to be a single mama. She's full of positivity and love and I don't know how she finds the strength to keep going. I wish for her to know how *amazing* she is!

If you're interested, I'll share her address via email. Thank you so much

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  • Ashley
    I would love to connect with Ashley (I am myself and Ashley!) as I was also a single mama who did the same!
  • Kyle
    I would like to send your friend a letter. I too was an unexpected single mother and nothing about that journey is easy. Please send info to krlozada@gmail.com
  • Laura Munkholm
    I would love to send her a note!
  • So awesome. Sending strength. I'll send you an email!
  • Ariana Mindelzun
    I'd love to write her a note
  • Jess
    I would love to write Ashley a letter.
  • Rosemary
    I would love to write Ashley a letter of hope as I have had the same situation and rose above it.
  • Rosemary
    I would love to write Ashley a letter of hope as I have had the same situation and rose above it.
  • Rosemary
    I would love to write Ashley a letter of hope as I have had the same situation.
  • Kate
    Hi Ayren J, thanks! You can reach me by clicking the link above on this page where it says "contact Kate" or you can also leave your email here...whichever you prefer. Thank you!
  • Ayren J
    I would love to contribute or write a letter, please send email! Thank you!
  • Kim d
    Just emailed you! :)
  • Diana Colaco
    I have emailed you! ❤
  • Lisa B
    I am a single mama too and I know how hard it is. I am a very fortunate person and I'd love to spread some love to Ashley and possibly send her a care package to ease her burdens. My email address is daisy41@gmail.com <3
  • Kate
    *UPDATE* I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude, for each and every one of you who has reached out to help flood Ashley and her son with love this holiday season. THANK YOU! (I believe I've resonded to all of you at this point but if I missed anyone on accident, please let me know.) My heart is bursting; thank you, thank you!!
  • Kate
    Rose T, thank you for your interest! If you email me or leave your email, I can touch base with you and send Ashley's address. There's a link above, under the title of this listing, that says "contact Kate" where you can click to message me directly. Thanks!
  • Kim
    I would love to send her a note and a care package I’ve been through the same situation
  • Canaan Dorian

    Your friends story touched my heart. What a strong woman! I would love to reach out to her with encouragement and tell her what an amazing job she is doing for her and her little one. I would also love to see if she needs some things for him for the holidays!
  • Skye Thietten
    I would LOVE to send her a letter & maybe even a little care package. Single mamas are SUPERHEROES & should be treated as such.
  • Rose T
    It would be a privilege to send her a note!
  • Rose T
    It would be a privilege to send her a note, late send
  • Amy
    Hi. I’d love to send Ashley a note. My email is amymdieterle@gmail.com. She’s blessed to have a friend like you!
  • Leigh
    I would love to send her an encouraging card and note! My email is leighgriggswilson@gmail.com
    Thank you :)
  • Jen
    I'd be delighted to send her and her son a note. I'll email for her address now.
  • Rene
    I would be honored to send her an encouraging note. Please count me in!
  • Rosie
    I would love to send her some encouragement. Also, I’ve noticed she suffered abuse and experienced a traumatic birth. I work as a CBT therapist for the NHS in the UK and would be happy to help if she needs some support to overcome any trauma.

  • Amy
    I’d be happy to send some positive energy!
  • Blaire
    Or is this where I write the letter?
  • Blaire Jahn
    Hi where is the email where I can write her a letter. I’d really like to. Blairejahn650@gmail.com
  • Anne
    Hang in there, Ashley. Momming is hard in the best of times and you're a rockstar mama to be doing it on your own!
  • I would love to help Ashley. I’ll email you :)
  • Tammie
    I'm in!!
  • Alyssa
    I'd love to write to her! I'll reach out to you via email.
  • Jen D
    I would love to send you Warrior friend some encouragement. I'll reach out via email. :)