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My courageous 15 year old daughter Eden has been sick for the past two years. Almost overnight she went from being an energetic, happy-go-lucky kid to chronically ill. She suffers from daily head pain, nausea, crippling migraines and deep fatigue. We have had blood tests, ultrasounds, MRIs and a CAT scan. We have changed our diet, seen naturopaths and specialists. Massage, therapy + acupuncture. Finally Children's hospital diagnosed her with Hashimoto's disease. My beautiful girl, fighting an invisible fight every day, needs a tribe. She has struggled to find friends that understand (or even believe in) her symptoms. She has sank into depression at times, wondering if she will ever feel well again. If anyone else has walked this path of autoimmune disease; or any "invisible" illness, would you mind tossing a word of strength to Eden? I am in awe of her spirit each and every day and hope that she can one day see the power in her journey. Thank you xo

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  • Cammie
    Would love to send your beautiful daughter a letter. Please send address to
  • Kelly
    I would love to send Eden a note especially as I have Grave’s disease - also an autoimmune thyroid disorder. Things will get better!
  • Jackie
    Please forward address to
  • Cathy Reedy
    Would love to send you some mail. You can send me the address at
  • Andrea
    Would be happy to send a note to Eden. ❤️
  • Lysette
    I'd love to write Eden a letter.

  • Jess
    I'd be glad to write a note. May I have an address to write to Eden at? My email is: Sending hugs!
    Jess (with an invisible illness)
  • elizabeth
    I struggle with invisible illnesses too, and it's hard! And I'm and adult! It must be devastating for a teen. I would love to write some encouragement.
  • Michele
    Hello..please let me know where I can send a card..I have been on a 6 month journey with my 16 year old daughter trying to find an answer for her headpain/fatigue/nausea..we also have had ct and MRI..went to a second neurologist yesterday..medications only make her feel worse..trying to figure out what to do next..we have had to take one day at a time..its hard to plan for things not knowing how she will feel..its hard to think about going to college if she continues to feel this way..she tries to still participate and be around her friends but the whole time she's trying to hide her is lonely and the unknown is scary..human connection is a simple sign of hope:)
  • Carrie
    Please let me know where to send a Christmas card.
  • Kristie
    Hi Lauren - I was misdiagnosed from 12-27.. in daily pain and then diagnosed with Lyme at 27.. was totally disabled for 2 years and finally at 29 found someone to help me. It took another nine to fully heal. If Eden ever wants to talk, pls feel free to give her my contact info. I’ve been there. And pls also email me your address so my family can send her a card. sending love to her and you... walking this journey with her, I know, is so so hard. Xoxo
  • Francesca
    I would love to write.
  • Megan
    Hello Eden,
    It can be really lonely when your friends don't really understand what your illness is doing to your body and the changing limitations that creates for you, especially when you're young. For myself, it also took years to receive a diagnosis and find medication that helps... and a long time to come to terms with the fact that I needed to let go of the expectations I had for my body. It has been helpful for me to find a way to tell my friends that I still want to be invited to do things with them, even if I sometimes (often) have to say no, or only say yes to part of what they're doing. For example, I used to be a long distance runner, and meeting my friends every Saturday morning to run for a few hours is how we liked to spend time together... now, if I'm feeling good, I might meet my friends for the last 2-3 miles of their Saturday morning run... or I might join them for a "cool down" walk after their run, or meet them for post run breakfast... and if I'm feeling really rotten, I might send them a text message saying I'm cheering them on from the comfort of my bed and ask for a post run photo... it's not the same as going for a run with them, but these are compromises that allow us all to still feel connected and supported.

    Maybe you and your friends could brainstorm some ways that you could still share in the things you and your friends loved to do together, but in a capacity that fits your energy levels and symptoms of the day?
  • Veronica
    I’d love to participate. Please email me the details.
  • Lindsey
    I would absolutely love to send a letter to your daughter if that would be okay. I have several "invisible" health issues myself and know how it feels to not be seen or understood. My email is if you could provide an address to send a letter to.
  • Caroline
    I want to help. Autoimmune diseases are SO HARD. Contacting you now.
  • Margaret
    It is so difficult to have an "invisible" illness. To have people misunderstand and disbelieve you is a terrible feeling. Finding a tribe - a supportive network of others who get it and appreciate you - is really important. I wish you the best in finding those people and feeling better!
  • Jenn Hogan
    The frustration of an "invisible" illness is real. I have IIH and can sympathize with many of your daughter's symptoms. I make handmade cards when my vision is cooperating and would love to send one to her with some encouraging words. You can email info at and I'll pop something heartfelt in the mail. Praying for your family.
  • Natasha
    Hi Lauren. What a beautiful name your daughter has, Eden. It struck me for its charm, and also because she shares a name with someone I think could help her some. I can tell that you’ve tried nearly everything, and that must be so tiring for your whole family. But if you are able to try one more thing, check out Eden Energy Medicine. I’ve seen it work wonders for those with autoimmune diseases and other illnesses. You can look up lots for free, for example search ‘Donna Eden daily energy routine’ and give it a whirl. One thing for sure, is it cannot hurt. Sending you all lots of love and hope.
  • Tye
    Hi Lauren c\o Eden

    You haveva brave daughter. I have several invisable illness. I am 47 years old know. And still dealing with the struggles of it all. We are survivors and I am trying to take things one day at a time. Its very difficult but thats all I can do. I am dealing with some health challenges as we speak but coming across your daughters story has given me more strength to keep going. I have a wonderful support team at home, family, friends, and online community. But I have to say there are moments when I feel this is so hard and its to much to deal with. I have fibromyalsia, Chronic Fatique Syndrome, TBI, Post Concussion Syndrome, Migranes and other health issues.

    I can be reached at tyethread3131@ I am also a disability advocate where I volunteer my time to help others as it was given to me. As it still is. Feel better soon. Praying gor healing answer for a cure of all illness and diseases.
  • God is the best Doctor in the universe. Give it all to Him, just ask Him and believe that he has already healed your daughter and she will be well again. Please, just have faith. That’s all you need. Please. Don’t give up on Him.
  • Laura Troup
    Hi Eden!
    I rad your story and it spoke to me. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 6 weeks after my first child was born. I struggled with it for many years. At times I felt like my entire life was driven by doctors appointments and I was overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness. I felt completely out of control of my own body. I am now totally medication free and feel better than I ever have. Everyone is different but I had huge success adjusting my diet on the advice of an osteopath. It was literally life changing. I hope that you find the right thing for you and I promise you there is light and hope beyond this. Promise.
    Sending love and light,
  • Lori
    Mollie, Click on Contact Lauren under Contact Information at the top of the page for an email address for Eden.
  • Keely from Michigan
    HI Eden- I love your name and the peaceful beauty it evokes. I have fibromyalgia and know a little bit about the limits our bodies give us.
    For me I hurt when I am still and when I do something active so I make choices to have fun if I'm going to hurt anyway..
    It sounds like you and your family are working hard on finding what can give you some relief.
    It's a wide world with lots of things to learn and enjoy.i hope you can connect with others who geek out about the things you like too.
    Book clubs online or in person, making art outside where others can see your handiwork... just some ideas.
    Blessings to you and your family.
  • I have a group of mothers and daughters that would love to send her some encouraging words. Do you have an email address we can get for more info?

  • Sending all the strength I can to Eden!