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In January of this year I lost my daughter Helena. She was nine years old and her passing was sudden. She had been having some nausea on and off for a couple of weeks, which we had gone to the doctor about, but other than that she was happy and full of life. In the middle of the night she had a seizure and after being rushed to the emergency room we were told she had a brain tumor and needed to be flown to the Children’s Hospital in St. Paul. By the time we arrived, she had become unresponsive. She was kept alive on life support, but after 3 days she was pronounced brain dead. We made the extremely difficult decision to donate her organs. Six people were able to receive life-changing help through these gifts.
Helena was truly a ray of sunshine to all who knew her. She greeted everyone she knew with a big hug and she lived her life with so much joy that was contagious.
Helena loved spending time outside and especially at the beach. She always wanted to be made into a mermaid in the sand. Her 10th birthday is coming up on August 27th and I thought it would be a wonderful tribute to her if people could write her name in the sand on any beach and take a picture, sharing the location. We would be very grateful for anyone able to honor Helena in this way.

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  • Jessica Johnson
    She is remembered in Duluth, Mn. We love you, sweet Helena. You are missed.
  • Holiday Hands
    I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved daughter, Helena. While I do not live near a beach, I will remember your Helena on her birthday by doing a random act of kindness in her honor. Prayers for you and all who love Helena.
  • Michele Tryon
    I wrote Helena's name in the sand on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia Beach at sunrise and posted to Facebook together rising.
  • Linda and Kris
  • DC Langer