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I am here to ask for the gift of encouragement this season. I am not surrounded by a large circle of support but the small circle I do have is struggling this year and I am hopeful this can help.

My best friend is going through her third round of cancer and with two small boys at home, she feels like she is missing out on a lot and that is hard to stay positive through. My second friend is facing a lot of backlash and budget cuts where she is a teacher of 4K - she is struggling to see the value in staying true to her teacher heart. I myself am facing the end of 2019 and 2020 knowing my health is deteriorating rather than improving. The last three years have been a challenge and I fear my loved ones are tired of hearing my struggle. Knowing now that it has impacted my ability to have children has made it difficult to keep my head high through it all.

Please consider sending a card for me to share with my circle, a note of encouragement, a hand drawn picture, really anything that I can share with my friends as we circle together to draw strength from each other as we each face individual battles. I have always been the one to send the notes, but with so much ahead of me, I would love to have an arsenal to pull from.

Love to you all this season and next year!

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  • Jennifer
    I know we are late, but I y find the contract information that I think I received. I would still like to reach out.

  • Jackie
    Please forward address to rombough320@bellsouth.net
  • Jennifer
    My family would love to support you and your circle.

  • Katie
    You’re not alone. Reaching out for support shows how strong and smart you are. Will email you for the best address. Be well.
  • Cheyenne
    I would be happy to send a note for you and your friends. I just sent you an email.
  • Aerie

    I would love to send you and your friends some encouragement. Hugs!

  • Niki
    Please send me your address! Happy to help spread some love and encouragement. Our circles need some recharging time to time.
  • Natzieli
    I would love to send you all a little something. Please send me an email natzielialvarez@gmail.com
    Sending all good vibes and strength.
  • Melanie
    Please send me the address!

  • Megan H
    Hi, Megan-

    Thank you for sharing with authenticity and vulnerability. You sound like such a treasure to your friends and I am glad you reached out to gain some encouragement for YOU, too! I am happy to send something along. Emailing you now.

    <3 Megan
  • Tamara
    I would love to support you, Megan. Am emailing you for details.
  • Barbara
    Count me in!

  • Cindy R
    Megan,I would love to write to you and your precious circle of friends. I will email for your address.
  • Sara
    Hi Megan,

    I would love to send you a card to lift you up. I'll email you.