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UPDATE: This listing also had a request for a gift. That part of the request has been filled!

I am writing on behalf of a dear friend of mine. Over the past year, I have been walking with her through one of the worst situations I’ve ever witnessed. I have seen evil, real evil, perpetrated against her. For safety reasons, I cannot go into any details. But the bravery I have witnessed in her, even in the most dire of circumstances, it has both broken my heart and strengthened my soul. This Christmas will be very difficult for her financially as well as emotionally. But the reason I’m asking for support is primarily so that she can be reminded that there are good, good people in the world who believe in her. She is someone who will never spend money on herself, so It would mean the world to me if together rising would contribute the following:

- prayers for her to find supernatural strength for this journey
- a letter of encouragement, reminding her that hope is real, that she is a warrior, and that her tribe will continue to have her back. (Please include assurances that you don’t even know her name or any of her circumstances, but that you believe in her and are sending love through her tribe)

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  • Jackie
    Would love to send card. Please send address to
  • Cheryl
    I'd love to send a card:
  • Melissa
    I would love to help. Please contact me @
  • Tammi
    I would love to send a note of encouragement! Sent you a message.
  • Cindy R
    I would love to send an encouraging letter for your friend. I will email you for your address so I can send the letter to you to give to her.
  • Megan Dzurec
    I am happy to send a card/letter of support. I also paint Christmas ornaments so if you let me know your friend’s first name, I’ll paint it on an ornament! I can send everything through you to protect her. God bless you for helping.