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The first year of middle school has been a big one with a lot of adjustments for my kiddo. Being born intersex, navigating puberty has been an adventure more complicated than the average person.

In addition to that, my son lives with juvenile arthritis that creates episodes of intense pain no child his age should have to deal with.

Earlier this year, his beloved grandpa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and he is not expected to live beyond this holiday season.

We have a great relationship and he has fortunately been very upfront about his struggles with anxiety and depression in trying to deal with everything life has dealt. He stated this week that he “feels invisible” and just “feels alone in a big world.”

I would love for him to get some letters of cheer and support this holiday season.

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  • Kim
    My children would love to send letters of encouragement to your child. Please send me your address. :)
    Sending lots of love and strength your way
  • Jackie
    Would to send some love and cheer. Please send address to rombough320@bellsouth.net
  • Sophie
    I'd love to send your son some holiday cheer! My e-mail address is: sophie_brisson@hotmail.com
  • Beth Benincasa
    I have a middle schooler as well. It's tough. Please let me know where to send a note. Thank you! bakingbeth@yahoo.com
  • Jennifer
    I'd love to have my first year of middle school son reach out to your son. Middle school is tough.

  • Joan Taylor
    Could you email me your address? I would love to write him.
    My email is taylorjj16@comcast.net
  • Jess
    Hi! I'd love to write. Send me a mailing address, please :)
    Jess (themcnairfamily@gmail.com)
  • Cheyenne
    I would be happy to send a note to your son. I just sent you an email. :)
  • Jen
    I'd love to send some cheer! Please send me your address--my email is clearyjk@musc.edu.
  • Lindsay Garrod
    I would be honored to send some cheer and support to your son. Please send an address to Lindsay.glick@gmail.com.
  • Kim
    As a middle school teacher, I’d love to send your son some joy! My email is kimglot@hotmail.com
  • Kristen
    I’d love to send Nolan some holiday cheer! Email your address to kristenzawitz@gmail.com
  • Katie
    I would love to send him a note. Please email me! katieherriott76@yahoo.com
    Praying for you and him!
  • Andi
    I'd also love to send your son something! I'll email you!
  • Michelle
    Would love to help. please send address to sedona59@hotmail.com
  • Katie
    I would love to send your precious son a holiday card! Emailing you now!
  • I would love to send encouragement from my 10yr old and myself. Sending email now.
  • Haley O’Connor
    My brother and I would love to write him a note and send him a little something!!
  • Andrea Levesque
    My son just started middle school too. He’d love to write a letter!
  • Danielle
    Would love to send a letter of support. My email address is: d_lancon@hotmail.com
  • Ashlee Behunin
    Of course! Send us his address! :) TAplus2@gmail.com
  • Melissa
    I would be happy to send your son a letter! Please send me your address at mrs.soeltz@hotmail.com
  • Molly
    we would love to send Nolan some support. Please end an address to Molly.j.hanson@gmail.com
  • Sarah Chattin
    I'd love to send your son a letter!
  • K Cummins
    Ms. Masz’s 5th grade class at French Road Elementary School in NY would love to send Nolan letters! I sent you an email ❤️
  • Jforche@cox.net. Forgot to include my email ()
  • Courtney Andrews
    I would love to send a note of encouragement! please email me the address. cmandrews13@gmail.com
  • Hana
    I would love to add him to our Holiday card listing!

    I'll email you :)
  • Karen Galanti
    I would love to send a letter. My 12 year old son would be happy to, as well. Please email me where to send: karen@galantidesign.com
  • Would like to send a letter. Will get my daughter and her.college roommates too also
  • Megan Dzurec
    I’d love to send letters of support! I also paint Christmas ornaments, so if you send me your info, I’ll gladly sent an ornament to Nolan!