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I volunteer at the Minneapolis Crisis Nursery and this is one of our busiest times of year where regular volunteers pull double duty to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

The Crisis Nursery sees a variety of clientele, from babies on their way to foster care, babies already in foster care whose caregivers need respite, babies and toddlers whose parents are struggling with opioid addiction or alcoholism, babies and toddlers whose mothers or caregivers are suffering from postpartum depression or another mental health crisis and need alternative care for a few days for everyone’s safety.

We do our absolute best to show love and compassion to every child that comes through our doors, and every mother or caregiver who is brave enough to say “I need help.”

This time of year is always just a bit heavier for our clientele, who often do not have family support near or far (which is a big part of why they access the crisis nursery). It’s also a heavy time of year for us volunteers as we are often at capacity for weeks on end this time of year and while we all believe in what we are doing, at times it feels a bit hopeless.

I would love to collect some letters of love and encouragement either to a mother/caregiver or volunteer— just designate who you are writing to.

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  • Jackie
    Would love to send some cheer. Please send address rombough320@bellsouth.net
  • Marissa Struckle
    I would love to send a letter of encouragement!
    My email address is: mstruckle23@gmail.com
    Please let me know who to send the letter too.
  • Cheryl
    I'd love to: cheryl_strong@hotmail.com
  • Tamara

    I'd love to support your moms and volunteers. Emailing you!
  • Natzieli
    Hello Melissa!
    I sent you a message.
  • Sarah
    Would love to send some cards of encouragement and holiday wishes. Please email me the contact info at swalchuk@yahoo.com
  • Megan
    Hello Melissa!

    What important work you are doing! I look forward to the opportunity to share the holiday magic through letters and notes to your clients and staff.

    Emailing you now for the best address to use.
  • Elizabeth
    I love the crisis nursery and have friends who have volunteered there before. Would love to send a letter.
  • Sara C.
    I would love to send some letters of encouragement and gratitude. Emailing you now.
  • Tamara

    I'd love to support your moms and volunteers. Emailing you!
  • Sara
    We would love to send one letter to each (a mom and a volunteer). Will email you.
  • Courtney Andrews
    I could definitely send some holiday cheer! email me the address! cmandrews13@gmail.com
  • Jacqueline
    Would love to help. Emailing you now!