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My beautiful 19 year old has been struggling with mental illness since the age of 12. She has had multiple traumas in her life, beginning with childhood sexual abuse and culminating Summer of 2018 when her oldest brother (25) died in a car accident 2 weeks prior to her high school graduation..and being raped by a trusted adult just 4 months later.

After 7 years of diagnoses (and misdiagnoses), emergency hospitalizations, inpatient treatments, outpatient treatments, a handful of therapists and too many meda to count, we believe we are on the right track. Borderline personality disorder is the main diagnosis, along with depression, anxiety and ptsd.

The problem is, she is tired. She no longer wants to live. She sees no hope of feeling better, of having any semblance of a 'normal' life.

I am hoping someone (or many someone's) could send her a card or a letter with a few words of encouragement. If you are a mental illness warrior, even better. I am calling out to this village to help my daughter (and our family) through this difficult time.

**Please note: Due to BPD, she has trouble seeing the gray..everything is very black and white. As such, she is very critical of any talk of religion or God or seeing her brother again.**

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  • Jennifer
    I reached out before, but I can't find your response. If you don't mind, I would still like to send mail to your daughter.
  • Jackie
    Please send address to
  • Sophie
    I'm a mental health warrior and I know the struggle of being in those dark places. She (and you) have had to deal with so many difficult events and healing can be tricky to navigate. I would love to send your daughter some support and encouragement. My e-mail address is: if you'd like to send me the address.
  • Jennifer
    I understand the struggle of dealing with mental health issues and that feeling of wanting to give up. Please allow me to reach out to your daughter.
  • Joan
    I am a mental health warrior! I would love to write her. Could you send the address to my email at
  • Dawn
    Hi Michelle,
    I have been through much of this with my own son. My heart breaks for her (and for you!) Being a mom is so hard Under the best of circumstances, but loving your child while they are hurting and feeling helpless to “fix” them
    Is especially painful. Please email your address so I can reach out to you both.
  • Mari
    Sorry - forgot my email is
  • Mari
    Michelle - I would be happy to correspond with your daughter - she is fortunate to have such a loving, thoughtful mom. I understand about the black & white issue, and very much about the religion and after-life conversations. When my sister died, and even still, 10 years later, I so struggled with people telling me that she's in a better place, and that when I die I will see her again... I just don't believe it. And while I can try step back and appreciate the well-meaning words, I would imagine that for a young person, that must be really difficult. Anyway, happy to reach out if you'd like.
  • Steph
    I'd be honored to send a note to your daughter. My email address is
  • Michelle
    Would love to send encouragement. Please send me an address:
  • Laurie Cybulski
    I will happily send a card.
  • Carly Ferrin
    I am a mental health warrior. I related to so much. I, too, struggle w seeing black and white. I would LOVE to connect w her. I so get it. Xo my email is
  • Katie
    I just reached out to you and would be happy to send along a little something.

  • Michelle
    Thank you Ashlee and Patricia(?)!
    I will email you both.
  • I am an adult Mother of two that was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder 15 years ago. It's a hard road but it is absolutely possible to thrive. Please e-mail me. I'd love to connect with her or send her a little something and maybe also you! I can understand how difficult it must be to be a mother to someone with this disorder. Hugs, mama!
  • Ashlee Behunin
    Would love to send her a card and some joy. Please email me!
  • Michelle
    Thanks, Jennifer! I will respond to your email.
  • Michelle
    Sasha, thank you. I will send an email to you shortly.
  • Michelle
    Thanks, Jill. I will email you shortly.
  • Michelle
    Thank you, Sara! I will email you.
  • Jennifer
    I would love to send a card. It’s such a hard thing, and I’m happy to support.
  • Sasha
    I would love to send your daughter a letter. Please email me with the best way to get it to you: And I will be thinking of her and your family.
  • Sara
    Hi Michelle,

    I would love to send your warrior daughter a note of encouragement, and will email you. I'm sending love and strength y'all's way.

  • Jill
    Oh my friend; this is HARD. I would be so honored to write her a letter, and my own daughter has had many of the same struggles. Please send me an email to let me know where to send it. Hang in there, Jill