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: United States, Virginia
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After many years of counseling and trying and counseling and trying, I made the decision to separate from my husband. Nothing has been formalized yet - after not talking (with any meaningful conversations) for most of late summer/fall, I finally told him that I needed separate schedules - mostly because his inherent need to disagree with me/undercutting me, it was having a significant impact on our boys. I started standing up to him & not censoring my thoughts to keep him happy. It's been a month since I told him this, and it's getting more tense, as you'd expect. Whenever I set a boundary, he HAS to cross it - just to prove that he can. We're still living in the same house, because we can't afford 2 households.

Can I ask for letters (emails, please) affirming my decision & telling me how you've left a marriage & become healthier & happier - both you & your children.


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  • Becca (requestor)
    My email is thereigo@gmail.com - would love to hear from all of you! We decided last week to divorce. The mutual decision makes it "easier", but... The road ahead will not be easy.

    Thanks -
  • Sophie
    Would love to send you some love and support, Becca. My e-mail address is: sophie_brissonhotmail.com
  • Cathy
    Becca, I'd love to send you words of support and encouragement that were so helpful for me during my separation/divorce. I'm at stewcat@gmail.com
  • Cathy
    Becca, I'd love to send you words of support and encouragement that were so helpful for me during my separation/divorce. I'm at stewcat@gmail.com
  • Dawn
    Hi Becca, please send your email address. Sending you virtual strength and support!
  • Rebekah
    Becca, I am sorry for your tough situation, but love your request! I would love to email you to share my experience and encouragement. XOXO
  • Kimberley
    Hi Becca

    I would love to send you an encouraging email. Contact me kmulla@live.ca

  • Kate
    as others are saying, you are not alone in this journey. It is tough but ultimately you are taking care of yourself and your children. I am 18 months into my separation. It has been hard but also I am waking up to life. As Glennon says, we can do hard things, and yes, you can. we can. hugs!
  • C
    I have the perfect poem to share that helped my mom with her decision to divorce, which in the end made all of us healthier and happier. Just sent you the email :) Big hugs.
  • Carissa
    I left my husband 7 years ago. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, but I knew it was for the right reasons. My life has changed so much since then and I've never been happier. Stay strong! You are not alone. <3
  • Courtney Andrews
    I would love to send you some encouragement! Please email me your address! cmandrews13@gmail.com
  • Barbara
    I have done this too and it is hard as hell. But get good legal support and know your rights. Also, see if you can get counseling as that helped me. Trust your gut always.
  • Candace Crew
    Hi Becca! I separated from my husband in March and I know it can be so hard. I’ll definitely be sending you an email of encouragement. Please
    Email me at cancrew77@yahoo.com with your email address.
  • Steph
    The beginning is the hardest part... I’m now happier than I’ve ever been. Take it day to day. You know in your heart you are now on the right path. Happy to email & support you if you give your address :)
  • Jill
    Hang in there! and please email me with where I can send a letter! Big Hugs