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: USA, Wisconsin
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Hello, friends! My name is Mary, and I’m a single mom of five kids, ages 6-13, and I’m currently working on a master’s degree in collaborative piano performance. I’m full time grad student in my final year of study. I also teach piano and work for my university as a graduate assistant. We are in a very tough financial situation right now. My landlord is getting a divorce and selling the property I am renting, and we have to be out by January 1st, even though my lease isn’t up until April. I am aware that I could take legal action, but I do not have the financial resources or time to do so. I am facing the immense stress of finding a new place to rent (not easy with five kids!), trying to finish my thesis, and trying to recover from financial setbacks over the summer. And on top of everything else, I have absolutely no idea how I can afford any Christmas gifts for my kids. Nearly all of my graduate assistant income goes to the cost of childcare and commuting to school, and I am barely making ends meet each month. An Amazon gift card would be tremendously helpful and would help remove at least one stressor from our lives! Thank you so much for your consideration!

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  • Mary
    Sarah, I just emailed you back. Thank you!!!
  • Sarah
    Mary, I'd love to send you a $100 amazon card to help toward Christmas gifts.
  • Sarah
    Mary, I'd love to send you a $100 amazon card to help toward Christmas gifts.