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: United States, WA
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I’m hoping for an artificial Christmas tree. We need some joy in our home this year I’m a recently separated mom with a 12-year old daughter and we are sharing a nice but tiny 1-bedroom, 700 sq foot apartment. We gifted our larger artificial Christmas tree to another family along with more than half or belongings this past spring . I knew it wasn’t going to fit in our new place. Between the separation and both parents recently falling ill it’s been a tough year.

My ask is for a slim artificial Christmas tree 6/6.5 feet high. Pre-lit or not is fine. The one pictured is from Target and on sale they are under the limit, but we aren’t picky... a tree from anywhere would be a blessing. Thank you so much for reading and considering us.

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  • Thank you so much!!
  • Thank you Jen Sterner!
  • Thank you so much!!
  • Jen Sterner
    Hi Shelly!
    I would love to meet this need for you. I’ll send up an email. :)