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I'm 61 and disabled, raising my 13 year old grandson who lost his mother in 2016. My SSI and his survivor benefits only pays rent car note and insurance. Baker Ripley pays my electric and I do odd jobs for family members to have them pay gas and water. My brother and Khalen's grandfather and my church helps occasionally when needed. NAM has helped in the past with holiday food and gifts for Khalen. He's now above the age to receive gifts. I simply and honestly cannot provide any gifts for him. He's such a great and strong child, still sometimes grieving his mother. He deserves what I cannot provide for him- presents under the tree. He knows and seems to understand that his Mema (me) doesn't have extra money for gifts but I feel so bad that he has to deal with that. It's not fair to him. What he's wanted every year for Christmas is his mom back. No one can give him that so he does deserve something. Please, if there is a way that someone can help me to help him, it will be greatly appreciated to the utmost. Thank you.

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  • Carol
    Thank you, Amy.
  • Amy
    I would like to help with your holiday too.
  • Carol
    Hello, Rebecca V. Thank you, very much and GOD BLESS YOU! My email address is carol.bowie@mail.com Khalen will be so excited and happy.
  • Rebecca V
    Will you send me your email address? I will send you an electronic gift card so you can purchase something(s) he would really enjoy. Stay strong - we can do hard things! vegagenesisdesigns@gmail.com
  • Amy
    He deserves gifts and we can help! I’ll pm you.