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: Canada, BC
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I am fortunate to be a single-mom to an amazing twelve year old son, Hunter. Hunter has several challenges but is a dynamic, funny, & caring boy. It’s my hope to provide him an excellent Christmas despite the challenges life has thrown at us recently. I was diagnosed a year ago with a chronic autoimmune disease for which I’m undergoing chemotherapy infusions. My prognosis is excellent with this aggressive and early intervention. So much to be thankful despite the struggles. An amazon gift card would make a world of difference to the Christmas I can provide Hunter this winter.

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  • Sarah
    Hi Lisa! Thanks for your generous note. I'll send you a text right now.
  • Lisa
    Hi Sarah - I’m also in Canada and have a son named Hunter! I would love to provide a gift card for him - please let me know what kind he’d prefer and where I can send it. You can text me at 4165874480.