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: Usa, Kansas
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I would love help with the little things! Stocking stuffer!
New Socks, gloves, tooth brushes, hair ties, books. With a family of 5 these add up quickly! Full stockings on Christmas morning would make my heart so happy.
Not sure if a gift card or actually buying would be best. I am guessing $15 per stocking would be plenty to help SANTA! Thank you so much!

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  • Cari
    Got it - thanks!
  • Amanda
    Katie- thank you for your offer I have already spoken with Cari about this.
  • Amanda
    Cari- I am sorry! I thought I replied on this post earlier. Thank you so much
  • Cari Larsen
    Amanda, per our emails, I can do this. I see Katie’s comment too. Please let us know!
  • Katie
    Stockings are one of the best part of Christmas giving. My family would love to contribute to your stockings.
  • Cari Larsen
    Amanda - Id love to help with your family’s stocking! I can cover the full amount.
    Cari Larsen