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: Canada, BC
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Life can sometimes be a bumpy, winding road and mine has been no exception. My son Aidan & I are still rebuilding our life after loosing my godson. I was fortunate in the chaos of that tragedy to get an opportunity to go back to school to chase a better life for us. I graduated & am now working as a casual and building seniority. Short term pain for long term gain has been our motto. Given all of that an amazon gift card would be such a powerful gift!

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  • Erin
    Thank you Megan & Michelle for your generous offers. Happy Holidays & all the best in 2020!
  • Erin
    Mashelle, thank you for your kind & generous offer however Michelle has so generously offered to complete my wish. Happy Holidays!
  • Erin
    Michelle, thank you for your generosity. I’ve sent you an email back. Happy Holidays
  • Mashelle
    Erin I would like to help out with whatever amount is remaining. In emailing you now.
  • Michelle
    I can help fulfill the remainder of your request. Emailing you now!
  • Erin
    Thank you, Megan! That would be so kind & helpful.
  • Megan
    Hello! Fellow canadian here! I'd love to help! I can send you a gift card for $20 if that will help?