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Hello, I am asking for some encouragement. I am raising a 17 year old child on my own. My beautiful son is severely affected by the diagnosis of Autism among other health issues. I want the best for my son. It is very difficult for me around the holidays when I hear of other people having a wonderful holidays. Crowds and social functions are just too much for my son. I want to help him be successful so we avoid holiday events. I am glad to do it, but it is lonely for me. I am going to try to make a nice quiet festive holiday for my son. I could just use a bit of Christmas Cheer and encouragement. ( a kind note, etc)

Thank you for considering my request.

Merry Christmas and peace.

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  • Deirdre
    Katie ~
    Pls. send me your address. Thanks!!!
    Email: DeirdreLovelace@gmail.com
    ~ deirdre :-)
  • Marty
    I would love to send a card! Please email me your address: starsappearing@gmail.com
  • Mari
    I'd love to get in touch - I have an 18 year old autistic son and the noise and crowds, especially at the holidays are very rough. My email is oneill.mari@gmail.com
  • Katie
    I would love to send a letter - I've emailed you from kayoung93@gmail.com
  • Autumn Vandiver
    Please let me know where to mail my letter to you. I would be happy to brighten your holidays. My email address is autumnvandiver34@gmail.com
  • Linsey
    Hi Katie,
    I work with children with special needs and I've found that their moms are the most special people I know! I'd love to send a little holiday note of encouragement. Could you send me your address? linsey.watkins@gmail.com
  • Katie
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this kindness. I am so grateful.
  • Shelley
    I'm with you, sister! Contacting you now.
  • Stephanie
    I’d love to send a card. Messaging you for your mailing address.
  • Tammi
    I’d love to send a letter! Sent you a message.
  • Jackie
    Would love to send card. Please send address to rombough320@bellsouth.net
  • Courtney Andrews
    I would love to send a festive card to help your holidays be merry! Please email me the address! Thank you cmandrews13@gmail.com
  • Katie
    I'd love to cheer you on and let you are supported. My son is also autistic, and you and I share the same name :) Emailing you now from London x