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Hi there, thank u for reading. My family—my husband and I and our 4 year old little boy—have been through a lot of heartbreaking trauma since he was born due to my health completely breaking down postpartum. My baby also struggled in health as well which really put a lot of distress on everyone. It’s been so incredibly painful trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with my body/his and all the unbearable symptoms for years, going from dr to dr, not seeing much improvement. Almost 5 years in, we are still trying to heal and recover from being in intense pain/trauma/survival for far too long. We are currently in a very broken place in life and my husband is not working right now bc he too has ptsd. Any help is much appreciated.

A gift card to Target would be wonderful and helpful to cover our holiday gifts.

Target gift card $100

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  • Rebekah
    Thank you, Tammy! I found your email and also replied and sent you a separate email. Thank you for being our Christmas angel. We are so appreciative
  • Rebekah
    Thank you, Tammy!
  • Tammy
    Hi Rebekah,
    I would love to help! Just sent you a message.
  • Tammy
    Hi Rebekah,
    I would love to help! Please message me at coppertop36@hotmail.com.