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: United States, Utah
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We have seven wonderful children. Our oldest child is now serving a mission for our church. I stay at home to raise them so money is tight with only my husband's income. We always squeak by for Christmas but a friend sent me this program link and if someone could cover the basics of new underwear, then I can divert that money to other things. We will pay it forward as soon as we can. I have boys age 11, 9, and 4. I request eight pair of boxer shorts per son. The 11-yr-old boy can wear a boys' xl or possibly a men's small, the 9-yr-old wears boys' medium, and the 4-yr-old may soon grow into a boys' small but for now he wears toddler boy size 4/5. For my three girls, please no bikini. Pants seem to sag on them so they need full-coverage panties. My 16-yr-old daughter needs women's size 7 or 8, my 14-yr-old daughter needs women's size 6, and my 3-yr-old daughter needs toddler girl size 4. If you could avoid lace around the edges for the toddler panties that would help her not itch. Again, please eight pair per child. Packaged undies are fine- no need to spend more for fancier individual pairs unless you want to. Thank you. We are grateful.

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  • Amanda
    Thank you for accepting this listing. I will be contacting you shortly. I feel very blessed. Thanks again.
  • Sherrie
    We would love to help as well if the need has not been met.
  • Chloe

    I would be happy to help! I will send you an email. Can you confirm that we've connected?