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This has been a tough year for me as I’m going through a divorce. My husband moved out in the middle of February and took his daughter with him. Throughout the process of this divorce, I have been unable to see my stepdaughter at all, and it’s crushing not having contact with her after being in her life for five years. My own two kids and I are heartbroken not having her in our lives anymore.

My family is able to help me financially until the divorce is done and I’m able to get work stuff straightened out that is being held up waiting on my name change. As grateful as I am for their support, money isn’t always the answer. I could really use some positive words of encouragement to help me power through the rest of this divorce and facing the holidays without my stepdaughter being in them.

If anyone could drop a note or send a card, I would be extremely grateful and so very thankful for the uplifting words. Thank you in advance!

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  • Jacey Kinnaird
    You will get through this! Would love to send you a card. If you feel comfortable, please send your address to
  • Kim
    Hi Melissa, sending love and hugs.... you will connect with your step daughter in the future and she will know that you and your kids always loved her and that will be comforting to her. I am sure she is missing you. Hang in there Mama, we got you xoxo Kim from Boston
  • Melissa
    Carrie, I sent you an email.
  • Melissa
    Chris, I sent you an email.
  • Melissa
    Nikki and Dawn, I sent you both emails; thank you!
  • Dawn
    Hi Melissa,
    I would love to send you some love and encouragement. Please email your address to ❤️
  • Melissa
    Thank you Beth
  • Beth
    Sending a virtual hug, warrior. I'm divorced, too -- it's been 7 years so I'm well past the fog of it all. The pain of losing your stepdaughter must be so hard. I will be thinking of you and hoping for a renewed relationship with your stepdaughter. Sending you strength -- it's so hard when you're in it, but you WILL get through it, you will smile again, you will feel strong and brave and hopeful. You've got this!
  • Melissa
    Lindsay, Stephanie, Karen, Melanie, Keri, Jackie, Courtney, Amanda, Christie, and Jen - thank you all so much! I’ve responded to your emails and sent my address to you all.
  • Lindsay Bennett
    Hi Mama, please send an email with your address to I would love to send you some holiday encouragement, from one mama who’s been through it too. So much love to you.
  • Stephanie
    I’d love to send you a card. I’m emailing you now.
  • Karen
    Please send me your address
  • Melanie
    Please send me the address!
  • Keri
    Please send your address!
  • Jackie
    Please send address to
  • Courtney Andrews
    I would love to send you a note to help you through this hard time. Please email me your address!
  • Me
    Please send details
  • Christie W.
    I am so sorry. You will see your stepdaughter again one day. You will rise and things will feel less painful. Sending much love to you!
  • Jen
    Hi Melissa! I am happy to send you a note. I'll send you my email and you can send me the address.