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Since my husband died, I have struggled to make ends meet and provide my daughter Grace with the things she needs. We have enough to keep a roof over our heads and the lights on, but beyond that, we struggle. She has always been a content kid, but more often than not, she has learned that the answer will be, "No, I'm sorry, we just can't afford that." This year has been even harder, with unexpected expenses that have zapped every bit of our resources. I would like to be able to provide Grace with a nice Christmas dinner and a few gifts to unwrap. She would enjoy having some fun socks, and she needs some new jeans for school because hers have been patched and are completely worn out. Really, any help that could be given would be appreciated and would mean so much to us both.

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  • Stefanie
    Our pleasure, Gwen!
  • Thank you so much, Stefanie! I appreciate you and your daughter wanting to help Grace have a great Christmas!
  • Liz
    Ah, I see now others were here for Grace before me!
  • Liz
    Hi Gwen...I'd love to provide some holiday cheer for Grace! I can fulfill your whole request...
  • Stefanie Cuene
    Hi Gwen, my daughter and I would love to send your daughter some of the gifts she would like: Jeans, socks a gift card for buying Christmas dinner groceries and something else ($100).
  • Lindsey Moss
    I'd like to fund this request fully!