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I'm a single mom to three awesome girls, 12 years old and 9 year old twins. I try to do my best for them, but usually feel like I'm coming up short. Their dad doesn't help at all. He moved to another state and hasn't seen them in 14 months (his choice, not ours).
Every dollar I make barely pays for our house, food and utilities. There isn't much left over for anything else.

I'd like to take my girls to dinner and a movie over Christmas break so we can make some fun memories going out for a special night.
I'm asking for a movie theatre gift card($40) and a restaurant gift card ($60) we could use for a fun night out.

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  • Jamie
    Hi Morgan! Thank you! I got your email. I will send you a message shortly :) :)
  • Morgan
    We would love to sponsor your families trip to the movies and dinner! Happy Holidays! -Morgan