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: United States, Michigan
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Family with medically fragile baby would be delighted to receive some help and add some cheer this season. Looking to support my nephews/niece with extra love this year. Baby girl spent about 3.5 months spent in the NICU and baby girl now relies on feeding and breathing tubes to function; she needs 24/7 care. The boys have been great helpers with their baby sis, and your help to make Christmas extra special for them will be joyous. Dad is single-earner, works to support the family, and Mom stays at-home for full time 24/7 medical care of baby. They are a very loving family and have been blessed with 3 great kids. Any help this year with gifts for the children would be a huge blessing for this family, as medical bills are high and dad is working as hard as he can to provide for the family, but times are tough. Below are the ages and general interests for each child.

Boy Age 11
Loves science/outer space, rocks, minerals, animals, fishing- learning explorations.

Boy Age 8
Loves the outdoors, action and creative projects, of course minecraft too.

Girl Age 1
(Has muscoskeletal issues and breathing and feeding tube.) Loves lights, music, soft animals/objects. Is beginning to roll over/does not yet crawl.

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  • Yvonne Wensloff
    We would like to help too. Please contact me at ymangum09@gmail.com

    Yvonne & Troy
  • Sara
    Kelcie, I responded to your email about filling my listing. Thank you!
  • Kelcie
    Sara, my NICU-graduate family would love to provide gifts for this family. We would fund the full amount. E-mailing now!