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I am about to graduate college. I have spent this semester completing my student teaching, therefore, i have not been working. I have a college freshman and a college sophomore who would like new clothes for Christmas. I would appreciate any help you could give. Thank you!

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  • Kim Lemons
    Ladies, thank you so much! I am not sure how this works. I know I am supposed to mention you by name. so, Carolyn Sheedy, Margi Finch, and Halely O'conner. I am hoping one of you guys know what comes next.
  • Carolyn Sheedy
    I can provide a $100 gift card toward your need
  • Margi Finch
    Hi, I'd like to contribute along with Haley.
  • Margi Finch
    Hi, I'd like to contribute along with Hailey.
  • Haley O’Connor
    Hi Kim! I would love to help fulfill the total donation! Will email you in a bit!!