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This has been an extremely difficult year for my sons, and myself.
I was laid off in March, the hazards of working in retail management I suppose. After going on twenty interviews and not being hired I had to move my boys and myself into my mother’s home. In June, in the midst of a mental health spiral, I was hospitalized for a suicide attempt.
My sweet boys were scared, angry, and confused. They weren’t able to see me for two weeks and are still not convinced I am well.
I have been attending outpatient group and individual therapy weekly which has made returning to the work force challenging. I am no longer eligible for disability payments, yet am not able to return to the work I traditionally do.
I am going to be returning to school to learn a new trade to hopefully be able to care independently for my boys.
In the meantime, this is the first Christmas I cannot provide gifts for my boys. They are kind, loving children and it hurts my heart not to be able to give them the things they want.
My oldest is nine and a half, he loves to make movies with the Lego sets he builds. His current films include his own versions of MCU and he has been eyeing this Quinjet set for weeks. It would mean the world to him to receive this.
Thank you for reading and your generosity

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  • Beverly
    This need has been met.
  • Thank you!!!
  • janel
    Hi Beverly. My son and I would love to send your boy the Ultimate Quinjet lego set! I will send you an email.