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Hello- I find myself needing a little help this holiday season. I’m the adoptive Mom of two precious kids- Elijah and Sadie. They are both special needs kiddos. I currently work full time and am going to grad school- trying to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner to help other families like ours. In the meantime, things are pretty tight around here. I want to get the kids a little something for Christmas and Sadie in particular needs shoes. Any help would be amazing and I promise will be paid forward.

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  • Lani
    Thank you both for reaching out and being willing to help - I emailed you both back.
  • Heidi
    Lani, I’m happy to help. Contacting you now.
  • Quinn
    Lani, I would love to help. Sorry for the three postings, my internet is being weird. I just sent you an email!
  • Quinn
    Lani, I would love to help.
  • Quinn
    Lani, I would love to help.