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: USA, Rhode Island
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I am Blessed to provide daily support to a young woman with Autism. She is 25, and is a joy to be around!! She is mildly verbal now, but her language skills are increasing daily. She loves music, movies, being outside, being part of social situations and out and about in our community. She lights up when I read to her, loves read aloud books and music music music!! I can’t stress that enough. Lol. She currently does not read or write but nothing is out of the question as far as I’m concerned. I would love to purchase a DVD/BluRay player, CD music player, and some Music and Audio CD’s of her choosing. Her name is Nicole and I would love to include a photo but cannot without parental permission. I want to surprise them so I don’t want to ask their permission. I’m so hoping that will not disqualify this request.

Nicole is often overstimulated and disregulated due to her Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Music is really the key to her soul. She loves to dance, sing, and hum along to any type of music. She enjoys anything from Sesame Street to ZZ Top!! I wish I had the means to get these items for her myself. Unfortunately I’m a single Mom and work two jobs trying to make ends meet so my discretionary income is almost non existent. Thank you for your consideration

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  • Pam
    Hi Shauna and Stacy (and Mom),

    I hope I am responding correctly!! Please clarify/correct me if not. Hopefully next time, I will be a pro! Lol.

    Thank you ladies sooo much!!! My heart is sooo full!! Happy tears!!!
  • Pam
    Oh my gosh-I saw your email first and now this message. Totally tears!! Meant to be!! Thank you!!!
  • Stacy
    Pam! My (single) mom is a special education consultant and I am a voice teacher. It's like you wrote this add for us. Please allow us to fulfill your listing. Music is an incredible gift. You can contact me at stacysanders@gmail.com (I'm a first time giver... Not sure if this is the right way to do this but I hope so!) <3
  • Shauna Meiri
    Hi Pam,
    I would love to help you with this request! I'll send the email now :)

    Bright blessings to you!
  • Caregiver Pam
    This is my first time participating so please let me know if I can provide any further information!! Thank you so much!! Blessings to all!!