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This summer was rough for 5-year-Old Cora. Her daddy was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer at the age of 37 and, the day after his colon surgery, her mommy went into labor with her baby brother 5 weeks early. With her daddy recovering from surgery and coping with cancer and her little brother in the NICU for 62 days, Cora spent a lot of time inside of hospitals this summer rather than doing some of the fun things she usually enjoys. One of her favorite places is Green Meadows Farm in East Troy, WI, a huge local petting zoo with lots of fun activities and animals. We normally make at least a trip or two there in the warm months but, because of everything else going on, we didn’t make it there. Please help us get a season pass for Cora and an adult in our family so we can bring her whenever her heart desires, she deserves it for being such an incredible helper and big sister during this difficult time.

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  • Amanda
    Will be getting *both* passes to fulfill this listing, just to clarify! Have a wonderful time at the farm!!
  • Erin
    Amanda, thank you SO SO much! Cora will be so excited and we are so appreciative!!
  • Amanda
    I'd love to get you the season pass to Green Meadows!
  • Amanda
    I'd love to get you the season pass to Green Meadows!