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Last year my dad passed away from COPD complications on October 15. I live across the state and wasn't able to be there before he passed but I was able to be there for his funeral. That same year, my 9 year old son was in Children's Hospital over Thanksgiving for GI complications which eventually led to him getting a feeding tube. He was admitted a few days after Christmas and me and him rang in the new year in Children's Hospital.

All this to say, the weeks after my dad died, my mom spent the first holiday, Thanksgiving, alone. And I spent that holiday alone too. Ever eat in a hospital cafeteria on a holiday? I remember crying as I ate thanksgiving dinner alone. I was very thankful for the hospital and for the meal but I was alone and it was so depressing.

I want to be home (my mom's home) for the holidays this year. I want to give my mom the greatest Thanksgiving ever. I want to make a turkey and bake a pie with her.

I would appreciate any generous heart who could help me with gas money. I would be driving from the Philadelphia area to Erie, Pennsylvania. Thank you!

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  • Karen
    Thank you Erin!!! I am so grateful for your response and generous heart!
    I have responded to your email.
    My listing is taken!
  • Erin
    It would be my absolute pleasure to provide gas money so you can spend Thanksgiving with your mom! E-mailing you now.