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Hello, and blessings to all! My husband and I moved a few months ago to another state, in hopes of finding better jobs and a great place to raise our three kids. Unfortunately, my husbands job fell through, and I have had a hard time finding employment, as well. In conjunction, the move itself was a bit harder on my kids than I imagined, especially for my 9-year-old autistic son. He misses all of our relatives and his friends terribly, and thus adjusting to the new environment has been difficult.

We don’t have income for presents this Christmas season, but I thought that perhaps building some fun new memories doing something we wouldn’t normally do would be perfect! They love going to the movies, and I thought it would be lovely to be able to take them to a restaurant for a family meal afterward. These are definitely extravagances to us right now, something we would have an impossible time affording or even justifying at the present moment.

A $50 gift card for our local movie theater and one to and local restaurant would be a true blessing. Thank you for considering our request!

Gratefully, Nathan, Marty, Addy (12), Jake (11), and Liam (9).

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  • Marty
    Dear Betsy—thank you!! I have emailed you a reply. Bless you for your generosity and for displaying to us the love that truly defines the holidays.

    My listing is taken! :)
  • Betsy
    Our family would love to help! Will send you a message.