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I'm a newly divorced mom of three. My two older kids are grown and live out of state. My youngest is nearly 11, and has several diagnoses that make him eligible for special education. A lot of things are hard for him, including tying his shoes and writing. He has sensory issues that make it hard to sleep, so finding things that make his life easier is an ongoing challenge.

For Christmas this year, I would like to get him a weighted blanket and the set of sheets he loves. I have a set of bamboo pillowcases that he likes to steal and he would dearly love a set of bamboo sheets for his own bed.

While I work full time, my budget is tapped due to his dad not paying child support at this time. And social workers don't make a whole lot.

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  • Kris
    Received, Haley! <3
  • Haley Johnson
    Hi Kris, I would love to help you with this request. I am sending you an email now!