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I am the mom to 3 kids 2 older girls and an 11 yr old son. I’m married to a man who is a hard worker, but we have had some hard times. We both work but do not make a lot and have had some large medical bills this year that have put us in a place of struggling. My girls are old enough to understand but I’m looking for some help with my son for Christmas. He loves Fortnite, loves to read, loves to do things with his friends, a “normal” haha 11 yr old. I appreciate any help available! It would help take a little pressure off to know he’s getting some presents for sure. I work as much as I am allowed already and my husband has some medical problems and is doing his best. Thanks in advance!

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  • Gillian- I don’t know how to email you, but I had already responded to Katie and I don’t want to be greedy. I wish I could email you to thank you! I hope you see this! ❤️
  • Ann- I sent you a message as well.
  • Katie - I sent you an email -thank you!
  • Katie - I sent you an email -thank you!
  • Ann
    I know you said your daughters are old enough to understand, but I would still love to do something for them if you'll let me. Sometime ago my family was in a similar situation and the small gift that a family friend made possible meant the world to me that year. I'd love to pass that feeling on.
  • Stephanie
    Hey Shannon,
    My friends and I play fortnite and we would be happy to have your son fill a spot on the squad when he’s around. Send me an email with his details pierce.sa@gmail.com
    Happy Holidays from my family to yours.
  • Gillian P.
    I would love to cover your request to honor my own parents, if that would be ok.
  • Katie
    Hi, Shannon! I'm a mama of 3, too! I would be happy to help by sending you a $100 gift card. Merry Christmas!