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: United States, LA
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I am a School Counselor in Lake Charles, La and would love a sand tray and figurines for my students. I work at a very small school with a lot of poverty and drugs. The students are wonderful and due to their life situation might not get the emotional and social support they need, with so many of my students parents working two jobs just to make ends meet. A lot of my parents dont have cars or can't get to a counselor or therapist for their child. I have students that are raising themselves and their siblings, pretty much on their own. A sand tray would help these kids process there life events and situations. and allow them to use their imagination....and create their perfect life in that tray. Something they have control over. Thank you,

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  • Kacy
    Thank you Morgan!!!!!!!
  • Morgan DG
    Hi Kacy!
    I would love to help you cover this for your students. Emailing you now!