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My parents are in a very difficult situation this holiday season. My mom had a massive stroke 4 years ago and as a result her medical bills are enormous. My dad cannot work regularly because of her doctors appointments. As a result they are preparing to declare bankruptcy and trying to keep their utilities on. If there is anything they love it’s their 6 grandchildren and it’s breaking their hearts that there isn’t money to buy them anything for Christmas. I wish that I could give them the money but as the result of a difficult divorce I am struggling to pay bills and figure out Christmas as well. I just want my parents to be able to buy a little something for each grandchild. A gift card to Walmart or another store would mean the world to them. Thank you so much for reading this and considering helping

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  • Nanda
    Please send me your email and address. My email is
  • Hi I’d love to send them a $100 Walmart gift card.
    My address is c19soc@gmail.com, please email me with contact info.
  • Darlene
    Heather, I would like to help you and your parents out with the full amount. I will email you.
  • Nanda
    Please send me your email and address