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: Usa, MD
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My daughter is the oldest of 3 children. She works 25 hours a week and maintains all A's and B's. She aspires to be a social worker and attend college at Penn State. Last month her father lost his job unexpectedly. She also has a birthday on 23 November. This was one of the only things she asked for.
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As her needs are often minimal she doesn't ask for anything. She is the oldest of a tween brother with adhd and a transgender sibling for whom we are trying to finance hormone therapy. My daughter is pure of heart and I would really love for her to have such a gift that she requested as we try to get back on our feet. My husband has found a new job but it will not pay until December at which point we will be scrambling for all 3 kids. Please consider my beautiful girl for something special that is not over shadowed by the needs of her younger siblings. God Bless

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  • Jennifer Jimenez
    Thank you ladies. Dena is going to purchase this for my sweet Analisa. She turns 17 Saturday and I couldn't ask for a better kiddo. Thank you both so much for your generosity. It will really help the budget as we wait for our 1st paycheck.

    Sharon thank you for thinking of us. You are an angel.
  • Jennifer Jimenez
    Hi where are the messages ? Thank you so much!
  • Jennifer Jimenez
    Hi where are the messages ? Thank you so much!
  • Dena
    Hi Jennifer! I would love to buy your sweet girl this jewelry case. It looks like something I would have loved at that age too. I will message you now.
  • Sharon
    Hi Jennifer, I'd love to help if possible. I think you may be local to me (if you're in MD) and I actually have one of these that I'm not longer using and I'd be happy to give it to you for your daughter. Please let me know!