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I have been divorced two and a half years now. I feel so fortunate to have found a job I love last year, with a state department serving vulnerable populations, but even with this income (and a simple lifestyle) I barely have enough each month to pay the bills. The kids (13,8,7) and I have food intolerances to gluten and dairy. It would be such an amazing treat to be able to shop for some items to make a special gluten free and dairy free “fancy meal” to share on Christmas. The kids know we are lucky to have a home and the basic needs covered every month, and I am so blessed to be raising them now in a healthy environment. Thank you for reading. ❤️

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  • Laurie
    Morgan thank you so much! Replying now. <3
  • Morgan DG
    I would love to cover your fancy Christmas dinner. Emailing you now!