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: USA, Louisiana
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I recently met Carmen because she had posted a dog that she could no longer afford to take care of on Facebook. Her dog is been a blessing to me but my heart went out to her when I came to pick up the pooch. I have sent her food packages from Amazon and tried to keep donations coming her way .
She doesn’t speak any English and has come here recently from Nicaragua. so we used a translator and I found out that she is a happened on rough times. She is in a small area of Louisiana with no public transportation, no car as her abusive husband stole it and left. She is home alone with two kids this year. I would love to see them both get a little something extra. Our family is going to try as well to at least provide Christmas dinner. If she is gifted a card or something of that nature, we will make it a priority to let her go shopping for something special for them.

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  • Buffie
    Wonderful! I received your email and it looks like they are both desperately wanting a pair of Nikes so I will help them shop and let them know the gift graciously came from you! Merry Christmas!
  • Becky
    Buffie, I’m so inspired by your desire to help someone struggling. I can’t image being in a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language and trying to provide for my children. I would love to provide $100.00 to help.