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: America, Texas
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I'm filling this request out on behalf of my friend Emily, a young single mom who is working incredibly hard to finish school. She fled an abusive marriage and just recently had to secretly move to protect herself and her child from her ex who arrived here from another country with the express intent of harming her and kidnapping their child. She has one year left of school and needs quite a bit of help just making ends meet. Right now her biggest needs are food and gas so that she can feed her child and drive to work and school each day (she was out of work for a month due to the recent domestic violence situation). Gift cards to grocery stores (Walmart, Kroger, or Aldi) and gas stations would make a huge difference. (I put my contact info so that it will be a surprise if she's chosen).

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  • Lorrigan
    I would love to fully meet this need! Gift cards for grocery stores and gas stations coming!