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December 10 of 2017, I stopped my husband from completing suicide. Since that day, our lives have been completed turned upside down. While our story is a success story (we are healing and so much stronger since), holiday’s are incredibly hard. Our family system was fractured by the abuse of another family member - which contributed to my husbands suicidal intentions. My husband has since left his job (with his family and abusive family member), and we haven’t attended a family event since. We are grateful for our new healthier lives, however, we are still struggling to rebuild. We attempt to do things together to gain experiences, but those things take money. We are going to a USWNT game this week. We have our first couples massage coming up. In order to make those things happen we have to sacrifice in others. The extra money would go towards an experience to celebrate my husbands life, paired with a holiday treat for us as a couple. I feel very vulnerable putting myself out in public like this. But as someone who works with trauma survivors as a profession, I know we need to ask for what would help us. So this is me doing so from a community I have found support by following. Thank you <3

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  • Jenny
    Kim Bradley - my heart is incredibly full. Tears welled my eyes when I saw your email. Thank you so much for your kind heart and generosity.
  • Kim Bradley
    I would be honored to help you.