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: USA, Virginia
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My name is Suzanna and I’m a single mom of three kids. I’m self employed and still figuring out how to make ends meet on just my income. My almost twelve year old daughter has her heart set on crocs for Christmas this year and I just can’t figure out how to make that happen on my own. My 15 year old is having thyroid surgery and I’m getting surgery in December to deal with severe anemia. This means I’m not working for a chunk of this winter. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to reach out and ask for help. Thanks so much for reading. It is so vulnerable to ask. But one day I am going to get to be the woman filling another’s need!

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  • Suzanna
    Shannon thank you so much!!
  • Shannon
    Hi Aly. If you are feeling strongly about filling this request let me know and I will choose another. Thanks - S
  • Aly M.
    I would love to buy the crocs for your daughter!
  • Shannon Brooks Hamby
    Hi Suzanna! I would love to purchase the crocs for your daughter. I will contact you for details.