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: Usa, Maine
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I am a single mom to the most amazing 6 year old little man (Bee), who has the biggest, kindest, most loving heart I know. I decided to go back to college full time last fall to finish my bachelors degree, and have been working part time to supplement student loans to help pay for life, with the end almost in sight (May!) , a financial aid misunderstanding has left me figuring out how we can get by day to day, without Santa.

All my amazing kiddo keeps asking for for Christmas (and researching, and talking about) are two things: all things Pokemon (especially Pokemon Cards and Mega Pokemon cards) and all things Rocks and Minerals. If anyone has kids who have outgrown their love of Pokemon, and has some cards or stuff you would like to pass on, it would have a well loved home here, for sure. Or, if anyone has any books or rock/mineral collecting stuff, he would LOVE those as well. He loves those kits where you can "dig" for rocks, or tumble rocks, and loves white rocks/crystals most of all.

I know the holidays are hard for so many. And I just want to say thank you to the team at Together Rising for considering us, and to "you," whoever "you" might be, reading this, for considering our little family here in Maine, love always wins. Sendin

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  • Sara
    Taken, I hope I am doing this correctly- Thank you so much everyone, I apologize I was at work til just now, I will respond to your emails (Abby, Becky, Katie). We are so grateful! With love- Sara.
  • Abby
    Hi, I’d be happy to send a gemstone kit to your precious son. My email is abby.a.cohen@gmail.com if you can send your mailing address my way.
  • Becky Flynn
    Hi Sara,

    I would love to send my binders of Pokemon cards for your sweet Bee. I collected as a kid and would be so happy to pass them along to a new home! I'd also love to send some books and a rock/mineral kit.

  • Katie
    I would love to help! I have an 8 year old with similar interests.