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My best friend, Kathy Buchanan, lost her husband suddenly 12 weeks ago in a tragic accident. They were scheduled to move the morning after he was killed to a new town for Sean’s new job, as they finished building their dream home. Instead, my precious friend, Kathy, had to go home from the accident scene to tell their five children (ages 6-15) that they no longer had a daddy... that they were no longer moving into their dream home... that their lives were changed forever. There are no words for the void Sean has left.... no words for the gut punch that grief is... no words for how horrific life feels right now For his two adopted boys from Burundi, this is the second time they have lost their father - first their birth father, and now Sean. It’s unimaginable. Kathy has lost her person... her confidante, the daddy to her kids, and is left to fumble forward. I would love for her to receive some letters of encouragement... reminders that she is strong even though she may not feel it or see it ... letters acknowledging the darkness of this time... anything that helps my friend be seen and encouraged. She is a warrior, but she is in deep grief and her biggest cheerleader has been taken away from her. I want her to know many are cheering her on . Thank you, G. I love you. Amy

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  • Michelle Jackson
    This is very heartbreaking. I would love to send this family a letter to let them know people care. My email is: michelle1jackson@yahoo.com. Also, thinking of you because I know it can be very tough trying to know the best way to help a friend in so much pain. xo
  • Beth Benincasa
    Please let me know where to send a card. Thank you! bakingbeth@yahoo.com
  • Carrie
    Please let me know to send a Christmas card to. riptwion@aol.com
  • Arielle
    Hi Amy,
    You are a tremendous friend. I would love to send this family something. Please send me their address.
  • Arielle
    Hi Amy,
    You are a tremendous friend. I would love to send this family something. Please send me their address.
  • Patti
    Amy: No words indeed for such a tragic, heartbreaking loss. Would love to send Kathy (and her children) a note of love and support. What a beautiful friend you are for allowing us the opportunity to support her family in their grief. Blessings, Patti. email: sparktribe6@gmail.com
  • Deirdre
    As has been said here so many times before...I would be honored to send some encouragement and love to your friend Kathy. Please email me with her address. My email address is DeirdreLovelace@gmail.com. Thanks ever so much!
  • Amanda
    I am so sorry for your dear friend’s enormous loss and I would be honored to send her words of encouragement and support. Thank you for letting us know about her story so we can send her light and love. Please email her mailing address to tokalasa@gmail.com.
  • April
    Please send me Kathy’s address, I would love to send her a card.
  • Mary
    I’d love to send Kathy a note of love and empathy. I’ll message you for the address.
  • Julie S
    This breaks my heart. I would love to send some love and holiday wishes to your friend! Sending an email now!
  • Cheyenne
    I will send a letter of encouragement to Kathy. I just send you an email.
  • Liz
    Hello Amy,
    If you'd like to add another, please send me Kathy's mailing address and her kids' names (and ages) -- I'd be happy to send cards, notes, prayers, etc.
    How very tragic, and how lucky she is to have a friend like you.


  • Amy Savage
    Dear all...

    I am overwhelmed at the outpouring of love for my precious friend, Kathy. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sending her love and encouragement. By now, you all should have an email from me with her address to send cards. We are all so much better together. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.
  • Cindy
    Please send me her address - Cpik321@aol.com
  • Joan
    Please send me her mailing address or email. Xo

  • Jessica
    Dear Amy - I’m terribly sorry for everyone’s loss of Sean. I was 36 when my husband died from cancer, and our daughter was only 2. I would love to send an encouraging message to Kathy, and maybe my daughter (now 8) can write a letter to the children. Please email me at jlocklier1976@gmail.com
  • Heidi
    I know a little bit of what she’s feeling as I lost my husband four years ago to cancer. Our children were 15, 12 and 12 at the time. I would love to write her a note. Please forward her information to me at: hhermann541@gmail.com. Thank you.
  • Colleen W
    Unimaginable. Please send her address and the kids names. Thank you. Colleen.whittingham@gmail.com
  • Stacy
    Please send me her address and the names of each family member. little1smt@gmail.com
  • Kim
    I’d love her address and her children’s names. My email is kimglot@hotmail.com
  • Megan Dzurec
    Please send me your friend’s name and the name(s) of her kids. I paint Christmas ornaments and would love to send you one for her as a reminder that beauty rises from the ashes. ♥️

  • Susan
    Please send her address - would love to send her a letter or card.
  • Alisa
    I would love to send some loving words her way. Amdoell@gmail.com
  • Jane
    I am so sorry. I would love to send her some encouragement. Please send address to isg062012@gmail.com
  • Marty
    I would live to send a card! My email is starsappearing@gmail.com.
  • Natalie
    My heart aches to hear about this tragedy. I would be honored to send Kathy and her family some encouragement and cheer at this difficult time <3. Please send me her address: natalie126@mac.com
  • Christine
    I would love to send this family a card.
  • Louise
    we can send cards. louisehiatt@gmail.com
  • Michelle
    please send information to sedona59@hotmail.com
  • Melanie
    I would be honored to send them a card! Mmk711@hotmail.com
  • Tessa
    Myself & some amazing friends would love to send s some cards. Please send me address. Allthebenzs@msn.com
  • Molly
    My heart breaks reading this. I would love to send some mail. Molly.j.hanson@gmail.com
  • Erica
    I would be honored to send some love to your friend. Please email me at erica_tommie@yahoo.com.
  • Jenny
    I would be glad to send some love and light. Please send the address to jennyleemaurer@gmail.com.
  • Amy B.
    I would love to send a card to this family.
  • Kathleen
    Sometimes life can be so brutal. I am so sorry this happened to this family.

    Please email me Kathy's address. I'm at ksurdan@comcast.net
  • Courtney Andrews
    I would love to send her some encouragement. Please email me the address! cmandrews13@gmail.com
  • Ashlee Behunin
    For sure would love to send her a card. TAplus2@Gmail.com
  • Jackie Rombough
    I would love to send letters of encouragement. Please send me address at Rombough320@bellsouth.net
  • Amanda
    I would love to send Kathy a card or letter. Please send me her contact information. My email is amandagb48@gmail.com.